Urine problem homemade remedies

Urine problem / Urinary Problems home remedies

 Often urine passing

1. If you have often urine passing problem then eat 60gm bhuna chana (Roasted gram) and then eat some jaggery on it. Follow this process for 10 days. It is best remedy for this Urine problem.

2. Eat some sesame seed with jaggery every morning and evening. Follow this 4 to 5 days.

3. Eating green fenugreek everyday is very good in urine problem specially in often urine passing.

4. Eat 2 bananas every day after lunch will give you relief in often urine passing problem. Grapes is also beneficial.

5. Eating spinach vegetable every night will stop this problem.

Often urine passing - urine problem

Low urine output

1. Eat powder of 2 small cardamom and take some milk over it.

2. Coconut water, barley water and sugarcane juice is very beneficial in this Urine problem.

3. Take one glass butter milk with green coriander after lunch.

4. Store water in copper pot at night and then drink that water next morning.

Blocked urine flow - urine problem

Blocked urine flow

1. Take 2gm cumin powder and 2gm misri (sugar candy) 3 times a day will give you sure relief in this Urine problem.

2. If urine flow is blocked because of kidney failure then take 60gm Radish juice everyday.

3. Mix 30gm castor oil in hot water and drink it. It will give you relief in 15 minutes. The is the best home remedy if all other remedies has been failed. It will give you sure relief in this Urine problem.

Low urine output - urine problem

Urine burning

1. Take dry coriander seeds and crush to remove its outer part. Now take 300gm inner part of dry coriander seed and make a powder of it. Take 300gm sugar candy and make powder of it. Now mix both powders and store in a glass bottle. Now eat 6gm of this mixture every morning and evening with water with empty stomach. Do not eat anything for next 2 hours. Follow this process from 3 days to 21 days as necessary. With urine burning its also very beneficial in semen problems like semen Ejaculation During Sleep. This home remedy stops semen Ejaculation During Sleep in just 2 doses. To stop semen Ejaculation During Sleep take this medicine 4 to 7 days. This home remedy is beneficial in all sexual problems in man like semen discharge during sleep and all other issue created by semen discharge during sleep like week eyesight, headache, vertigo and sleeplessness. This coriander and sugar candy mixture makes your heart and mind stronger.

2. Soak 10gm dry coriander in water for whole night. Next morning crush that in same water to make a paste and filter that water. Now mix some misri ( sugar candy) in that water and drink. Do this 2 times a day.

3. Make thin paste of onion and mix that in curd. Now eat this mixture for 4 to 5 days will give you relief in urine burning.

4. If you have burning feeling during urine secretion then chew 4 tulsi (holy basil) leaves twice a day with empty stomach and drink some water over it. Follow this for 3 days.

5. Crush 10 bel leaves to make a thin paste and mix in 250gm water.  Drink that water every days for next 4 days.

6. Eat powder of 2 small cardamom and take some milk over it.

Urine during sleep by a child (Enuresis (Bed-wetting))

1. If your are facing urine during sleep by your child then give your child one walnut and 5gm raisin before going to bed every nigh. you will see result with in one week.