Touch therapy Do-en for healthy life

Touch therapy & stroke therapy Do-en for healthy life

Touch therapy DO-en is a simple touch and stroke therapy that helps you De-stress in just a few minutes. It is surprisingly similar to the massage mothers gives their little babies. Practice it every day and you will feel like a newborn again!

Touch therapy Do-en for healthy life

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Use toy hands or fists to apply a flowing touch (called “Soft Doen”) or rhythmic deep pressure (“Hard Doen”) on different parts of body in the following sequence for this Touch therapy:

Touch therapy techniques

1. Upper Body: Start with the right hand or fist and stroke or apply pressure on the left upper back, shoulder, arm, forearm, back of hand, fingers, palms, front of forearm, inside of arm, under the shoulder, side and back. Repeat with the left hand on the right side of body.

2. Lower Body: Use both hands on the kidney points, lower back, buttocks, back and side of thighs and calves, front and inside of thighs. Walks bare feet on heels, toes, inside and outside of feet and stomp feet like a dancer.

3. Stomach and Abdomen: Using the palms of your hand, make circular motions (clockwise when seen from front) on your abdomen, in front and around the navel. Wipe your palms down the abdomen with smooth strokes. Say “Hi!” to belly button!

4. Face : Use your fingers to rub your forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, nose, cheeks, rub the lips above and below vigorously with the edges of both the index fingers, and the chin. Apply deep pressure on the following  three points with your thumbs: inside and below the inner edge of both the eyebrows.

5. Head and neck: Use the  knuckles to knock the head from front to back, in the middle and the sides; comb the throat and massage the neck.

6. Ears: Pull on the lower lobes, mid and top. Rub the ears vigorously.

7. Energize Rhyme: Now rub your palms together vigorously and holding them at stomach level, separate them as if you are holding a ball between them; bring them close together and separate them again. As you keep doing this you will feel some energy or magnetic pull between the palms; focus on the energy till it intensifies, and then place your palms on any part of your body that needs healing. Leave them there for a short while, soaking in the energy. Then lovingly wipe your palms down to your body.

8. Healthy Rhyme: End with rubbing down your body with a loving rhyme. “every little cell in my body is happy;every little cell in my body is fine;every little cell in my body is smiling;every little cell in my body is fine. Thank you all for being alright, thank you all for shining to bright!” and, “This is an ageless body. This is a timeless mind.”

Do-en Touch therapy can be done once or twice a day (keeping a gap after meals). This Touch therapy only takes about ten minutes to do and refreshes the whole mind and body. Much like taking a physical bath, Do-en touch therapy is an energy bath. The Chinese believe that doing this everyday one can live healthy life to the age of a hundred!