Pyria home remedies (Pieria / Pyorrhea)

Pyria / Toothaches can vary from mild soreness to an unbearable gum pain in your teeth. Some of the main reasons of toothaches are cavities, an infection, an exposed tooth root, pyria (Pieria / pyorrhea), a cracked tooth, gum disease, a loose filling, or jaw joint disorder. Here we will discuss about some effect and proven pyria remedies.

If your gums are bleeding after eating food or brushing your teeth then you may have pyria. Pyria is gum disease, which usually occurs when gum health decreases and you end up with bleeding gums. Pyria is usually a symptom of poor dental hygiene, where the person is not cleaning teethes often, or not adequately enough leading to bacteria growth in and around the gums. Main pyria causes are allowing food deposition, using hard brush, not cleaning teethes often, no hygiene maintained, use of guttkha, pan, tobacco, cigrate and alcohol. Main symptoms of pyria are teeth loosening, bleeding gums, swellings of gums, bad breath and hot and cold sensitivity.

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Pyria home remedies (Pieria / Pyorrhea) / Toothache remedies

  1. Take Sendha namak (Rock Salt) and crush it to make a thin powder. Now filter it using a clean cloth to remove any thick piece. Take 2gm of this filtered rock salt and mix 8gm mustard oil in it. Use this mixture to massage your teeth and gums softly every night before going to bad. If during massage you feel small bleeding then don’t worry about that because this is a normal process. After massage do gargle with lukewarm water. This is best home remedy for teething problems. Follow this process for 10 days. It will stop pyria, teeth pain after eating something hot or cold, make your teeth stronger and white, protect from Germs and Cavities, stop gum swelling and bleeding. This is best natural home remedy for pyria (Pieria), gum recession, swollen gums and periodontal problems and other teething problems. One of best pyria and toothache remedies.

toothache remedies - pyria home remedies for (Pieria / Pyorrhea)

  1. Use of garlic can also give you relief from toothache. Garlic has antibiotic and other medicinal qualities that can be very effective in toothache remedies. Crush a garlic clove and mix some table salt or black salt and apply on the affected area to alleviate the pain.
  2. Take one cup water and mix 1 spoon rock salt in it. Use this mixture for gargle every night before going to sleep.
  3. Do not eat or drink too much hot or cold food. After eating anything hot don’t drink cold water. It looking simple but one of very effective toothache remedies.
  4. Take lemon water twice a day. It prevents every teething problem.
  5. Grind two whole cloves. Mix in a little mustard oil and apply on the affected tooth.
  6. Every morning chew 2 -3  green leaves of neem tree (Azadirachta indica) and then spit. Azadirachta indica leaves contain chlorophyll. Its beneficial for tooth as it makes your teeth strong and germ free.
  7. Oil pulling : Oil pulling is an old Ayurvedic technique where you swish oil (like coconut oil, mustard oil or sunflower oil) around in your mouth for about 10 minutes and then spit it out. Mustard oil is best for this. Have some mustard oil in your mouth for 10 minutes, move this  oil around in your mouth and then spit the oil. It makes your tooth and gum stronger. Its one of effective and proven toothache remedies.
  8. Take 5gm clove powder and 3 gm camphor (kapoor). Mix both and rub on your tooth and gum slowly for 10 minutes. Both powders should be very thin and there should not be any hard or thick part in it otherwise rubbing can hurt your gums.
  9. Take 8gm mustard oil and mix little turmeric in it. Now massage your teeth and gums with this mixture at night before going to bad. Next morning do gargle with salt water. Follow this process for few days. Remember, do not eat anything after applying this mixture on your teeth.
  10. Apply some onion juice on teeth and gum. It helps to prevent gum bleeding, gum pain and germs in teeth.
  11. Take dal chini (Cinnamon), dry coriander, rock salt, black pepper, Chob Chini (Smilax ovalifolia) and Kapoor Kachli (Spiked Ginger Lily/Hedychium spicatum) 10gm each. Now take papadia kaththa 20gm and Majuphal (Quercus infectoria) 5 gm. Grind all these herbs to make thin powder and mix all herbs well. Use this mixture as a paste 2 times a day. It best remedy for pyria, toothache and bleeding gums.
  12.  Take ajwain khurasani (Hyoscyamus niger), vaividang (False Black Pepper or White-flowered Embelia) and Anacyclus Pyrethrum (Akarkara) in same quantity. Grind all to make a thin powder and mix all well. Use this mixture as a tooth paste. Its best toothpaste for pyria.