Surya namaskar steps for weight loss

Surya namaskar steps : The twelve part movement of Surya namaskar combines many of the benefits of several yoga poses which is great for every human being. It stretches you both forwards and backwards. The exercise is done as a smooth, flowing movement. It can be done at any time of the day but whenever possible its best to do in the morning facing the rising sun.

Here we will discuss about all steps of Surya namaskar and Sun salutation.

Surya namaskar steps

1. Surya namaskar steps position one : Stand up straight with your feet together. Bring your palms together in front of your chest. This is the neutral, starting position.

2. Surya namaskar steps position two : Inhale. With your thumbs locked, stretch out your arms in front of you. Watch your hands as you slowly raise your arms overhead. Bend backwards a little from the hips as you stretch.

3. Surya namaskar steps position three : Exhale. Fold forward slowly from your waist to finally placing your hands on either side of your feet. Bend your knees a bit if required.

4. Surya namaskar steps position four: Inhale. Stretch your left leg back, placing your left knee on the floor. Leave your right foot between your hands and bring your right knee up to your chest. Look up. We can call this the ‘Camel’ position.

5. Surya namaskar steps position five: Hold the breath. Bring your right foot back to meet your left. Raise your buttocks so that your body now forms a triangle. Stretch your heels toward the floor, and look at your feet. Touch your chin to your chest.

6. Surya namaskar steps position six: Exhale. Lower your knees, chest and chin to the floor, leaving your pelvis slightly raised. Your palms are now beneath your shoulders, elbows close to your body and pointing upwards.

7. Surya namaskar steps position seven: Inhale: Lower your pelvis to the floor. Stretch up your head, neck and chest. Keep your elbows slightly bent in and toward your body.

8. Surya namaskar steps position eight: Exhale: As before, press down on your palms and feet to lift your buttocks forming a triangle.

9. Surya namaskar steps position nine: Inhale: Move your left foot forward between your hands, with your left knee touching your chest. The right leg is now stretched back, with your right knee on the floor.

10. Surya namaskar steps position ten: Exhale. Bring your right foot forward to meet the left. Bring your feet together and straighten your knees as you stretch forward, as though touching your toes. Bend from your hips only as far as you feel comfortable.

11. Surya namaskar steps position eleven: Inhale. Again lock your thumbs, stretch up and bend backwards slightly, as in position two.

12. Surya namaskar steps position twelve: Exhale. Slowly bring your palms together in front of your chest. Relax.

Surya namaskar steps for weigh loss

Start with three times and slowly build up to twelve repetitions. If you wake up a little sluggish, you may want to do the sun salutation a little faster and move vigorously. When you’re feeling a little tired, do them more slowly then usual. If you wish you can think or say the affirmation “I Am a Sun, Loving everyone!” as you do the exercise. In the end, close your eyes and lie down in the resting position (Shavasana), until the whole body is relaxed.

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