Nutritious breakfast for teenager

Nutritious breakfast : The teen years are a period of gigantic physical change and development. Amid these years, a young person will increase around 50 percent of her grown-up weight and 20 percent of grown-up tallness. Since this development happens in a generally brief time of time, a teenager’s necessities for every fundamental supplement are higher than those of a grown-up, particularly calcium and iron. A teenage boy, for instance, ought to be taking in the middle of 2,500 and 2,800 calories for every day, while a young girl ought to be getting around 2,200 for every day. Ideally, you should be getting these calories from nutrient-rich foods such as lean protein, fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and whole grains. Youngsters have some particular dietary necessities. A sound day by day diet for a teenager ought to incorporate somewhere around 45 and 60 grams of protein, 1,200 mg of calcium and somewhere around 12 and 15 mg of iron.

Nutritious breakfast for teenager and adults

1. Take 25 gm clean and washed black gram. SOUSE these gram in 125 gm water at night. Next morning after getting fresh, eat these grams and drink the water too in which these grams were soused. You can also mix one spoon honey in that water. This normal looking food is very good shaktivardhak to Gain power and strength. This is best nutritious breakfast for teenagers.

You can increase quantity of gram from 25 to 5m gm. After eating soused gram take 1 glass hot milk. It increases semen quantity and make your semen healthy.

Caution: If you have weak digestion system then do not eat gram. You should do some exercise before eating gram.

Eating Germinated gram / Sprouted gram is very beneficial for everyone. It makes your semen healthy, makes your muscles strong and very good for every skin disease. This nutritious breakfast of gram is full of vitamin C so it increases blood and cleanse your blood.

How to germinating gram seeds / sprouted gram

To sprout gram seeds souse them in water for whole day. Remember water should be 4 times more than gram seeds. At night take all grams and hang in a cotton cloth. 12 hours in summer season and 18 to 24 hours in winter season is sufficient to Germinate grams. Nutritious Breakfast of germinates grams is a best tonic for young and hardworking people.

Checkout nutritious breakfast for teenager , young adults and hard workers to gain power and strength. Learn How to germinating gram seeds or sprouted gram.

2. Quick and easy breakfast foods are whole-wheat toast with some peanut butter, yogurt, eggs and breakfast cereal. If you do not have that much time then eating a piece of cheese, a granola bar, a fruit or some nuts are preferable to skipping breakfast entirely.

3. Dry nuts are a great gift by nature for age of people. Soak 5 almonds, 5 Cashew and 10 currant in some water at night. Next morning after some workout or a normal walk, eat these soaked nuts on empty stomach and drink 1 glass lukewarm milk on it. You can also eat 2 walnuts. This is a great supernatural and energy booster breakfast for teenagers.

4. Soak 10 raisins and 3 figs in water at night. Next morning first eat these raisins and figs and then drink same water on it. This water has all the qualities of raisins and figs.

5. Fruits, like pear, apple, banana are very beneficial for teenagers. Eat 2 banana and drink 1 glass lukewarm milk over it.