Natural remedies to prevent diseases

Natural remedies to prevent diseases

1. Take a copper pot in evening and full it with 250 ml water. It the morning just after wake up drink this water , take a small walk and then go to fresh. It will clean your stomach and you will feel great and light. This copper water prevent constipation, piles, stomach problems, liver diseases, urine & semen problem, Headache, eye diseases, sputum or cough, low blood pressure and acid in stomach. Taking this water everyday makes you young and stop your age. It’s hard but if you can take this water from your nose hole instead of mouth then it protect you 100% from any kind of cold, headache and nosebleed. It increases your eyesight like magic. It stops your hair from getting white. In winter season you can have lukewarm water. Ayurveda says that taking this water before sunrise is beneficial like mother milk.
Find best natural home remedy to protect you from different diseases like stomach problems, piles, liver diseases, urine & semen problem and Headache.

2. Take one table spoon powder of kali Harad (Haritaki / Inknut / Terminalia chebula) every night before going to bed with 250gm lukewarm milk. It protect you from lot of diseases. If you can not take every day then take at least twice a week. Inknut is very beneficial in cough, cold and flu. It’s best food to boost immunity. Harad prevents acne and pimples. Rub haritaki on a clean stone to make a paste and the apply that paste directly on pimples. If you eat inknut after taking food then it help to digest food easily. If you chew haritaki then it increases hunger and if you take inknut powder then its best home remedy for constipation. If you have diarrhoea then boil inknut in water and eat. It will stop diarrhea.

3. In rainy season eat terminalia chebula with rock salt, in winter season with sugar and in summer with jaggery.

Warning: Weak person, in fasting, person hot in nature and pregnant women should use inknut with caution and under expert guidence.

4. Soak 3 table spoon triphala powder in 250gm water at night. Next morning boil this water with triphala powder for 2 minutes. Now filter that water and leave for few minuets to get normal temperature. Then mix some honey or sugar candy in this water for taste. This is called triphala tea. Take this triphala tea every morning. It will save your from every disease.

5. Make a habit of eating amla ( Indian gooseberry) everyday in any available form like you can eat amla murrabba or amla power or amla candy or triphala powder. Amla is a natural antioxidant, blood cleanser, energy booster and increases male fertility and semen. It makes your immune system stronger to make you disease free.

6. Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine (the ancient Indian medicinal system) for thousands of years to treat exhaustion and anxiety. Ashwagandha makes your whole body, immune system and nervous system stronger. Its also a best ayurvedic medicine for male infertility and vigour and vitality.