Stomach pain natural remedies & treatment

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Stomach pain natural remedies / Home remedies for stomach pain

  1. Take 4 gm carom seeds (Trachyspermum ammi ), 1 gm black salt and mix these. Now take 2 gm of this mixture with lukewarm water. It will give you instant relief in stomach pain. Children can take 1 gm of this mixture. This home remedy is beneficial in stomach pain, acidity and gastric trouble. If you take this mixture with normal water (not hot water) then it’s beneficial in hungerlessness and indigestion. Taking only carom seeds with lukewarm water is best remedy for cough, indigestion, stomach problems, tumour, gastric trouble and acidity. Its also destroy stomach worms. Follow this procedure for 1 to 2 weeks.
  2. Take 2 drops of Amritdhara with sugar. It will give you instant relief in stomach pain.
  3. Take 3 drops of Amritdhara with 3 table spoonful water every morning and evening after taking food. It will give you relief in stomach pain, diarrhea, pechis, loosemotion and cholera.
    Natural remedies for stomach pain
  4. Take some soft leaves of guava tree and grind to make a paste. Mix this paste with 250 ml. water, strain and drink.
  5. Apply some black pepper and rock salt on pomegranate and eat. It stops stomach pain and increases hunger.
  6. Mix half table spoon of garlic juice with 4 table spoon normal water. Consume this with little salt for taste. Its best home remedy for stomach pain.
  7. Take some ginger juice, lemon juice and black pepper powder. Mix all well and consume. It gives instant relief in stomach pain.
  8. Mix some black pepper powder and salt in radish juice and consume.
  9. Take one guava fruit and cut into pieces. Apply some rock salt on these pieces and eat.
  10. Take 5 currants and eat with little asafoetida.

How to make amritdhara at home

Take 5 gms camphor, 5 gms peppermint and 5 gms ajwain (carom) extract and put all three in a glass bottle. Now close that class bottle and shake that bottle for 10 minutes. All three will be converted in liquid form. Now put that bottle under sun rays for some time. Your Amritdhara is ready to use. Amritdhara is best medicine in many diseases.