Mesua ferrea plant uses and images (Nagkesar)

Mesua ferrea medicinal plant uses and images

Mesua ferrea also known as Nagkesar is a beautiful evergreen tree and has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. This is cultivated as an ornamental plant. The tree grows up to 30m in height and the pendulous leaves are 8-15 cm long. They are simple, narrow, opposite, black grey to dark green in colour. The branches are glabrous and slender. The flowers are bisexual, white petals with orange stamens. The capsule contains 1-2 seeds. It flowers from March to July. The fruits are seen during October to November.

Medicinal plant Mesua ferrea

Medicinal plant Mesua ferrea

Common name

Indian rose chestnut/ Nagkesar

Botanical name and family

Botanical name- Mesua ferrea

Family- Calophyllaceae

Mesua ferrea flowers

Mesua ferrea flowers

Geological distribution of Nagkesar

It is found occasionally near streams and rivers of evergreen forests. It is native to Sri Lanka and its national tree also. It is also seen in India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, Sumatra and Bhutan. It grows well in river valleys of the evergreen forests of The Himalayas and Western Ghat Hills of Konkan and Malabar area. It also grows well in some parts of Tamil Nadu, Assam, Travancore, Andaman Islands.

Medicinal use of Mesua ferrea (Nagkesar)

Nagkesar plant is both medicinally and economically important. The flowers are astringent and stomachic. The woods are heavy and used for heavy construction like bridge and railway line. The parts of the plant used are root, bark, leaves, seeds, flowers and wood. The flowers contain essential oil and oleo resin. The medicinal values of the plant are described below:

  • The seed oil is used for the treatment of rheumatism, sores and wounds. The seed oils are applied for the treatment of joint pains.
  • Mesua ferrea flower is used for the treatment of excessive thirst.
  • It is also used for skin infections such as itching, eczema and scabies. Use Herbal Face Pack made using Nagkesar to get healthy skin.
  • The flowers are also helpful for asthma, cough, cold and fever.
  • The flower is used for the treatment of impotency in men.
  • It helps in the treatment of the digestive problems, stomach pain, vomiting and constipation. Use Nagkesar Fruit powder everyday.
  • The flowers are used as a perfume in some countries.
  • Nagkesar plant extract is used for enhancing the fairness of skin. Apply Biotique Bio Walnut Purifying & Polishing Scrub everyday to get fair skin.
  • It has strong anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  • It regulates excessive bleeding during menstruation cycle of women.
  • The dried flowers are also used for the treatment of leprosy.
  • It reduces the toxicity of chemotherapy in the women suffering from breast cancer.
  • The plant is used against scorpion venom and known for its anti-venom nature in some places.
  • The stamen is also used for cosmetics, spice and flavoring ingredient.
  • It also possesses anti-ulcer activity.
  • It also helps against burning of the feet.
  • The plant is famous for its anti-tumor activities.
  • The seed oil is an alternative for petroleum gasoline.
  • Mesua ferrea also helps for the treatment of dental problem.
  • It is also useful for its immune modulatory activity adding resistance to the body.
Mesua ferrea fruits

Mesua ferrea fruits

The flowers are used to stuff pillows in some places. The plant is proved toxic up to some extent, yet it is safe to use when consulted with a doctor.