Medicinal herb Pippali uses and images (Piper longum)

Medicinal herb Pippali uses and images (Piper longum)

Pippali is an aromatic, slender and creeping herb found in tropical rain forest. In India, it is used as spice, and it also has medicinal value that cures many kinds of stomach problems. It is a flowering vine with large catkin flowers and believed to be native Himalayan states. The taste is very much similar to regular black pepper. It has a pungent and sweet taste. The fruit is found as fleshy spike and useful for medicine. The root is branched and similarly important part for medicine. It is used as a preservative in Kerala and an important spice. It is also added in soup, pickle, sauce, stew and curry as a spice.

Piper longum plant image

Common name of pippali

Long pepper

Botanical name and family of pippali

Family- Piperaceae

Botanical name- Piper longum

Geological distribution of Pippali

Pippali grows in Asia and Pacific Islands, Europe, North and East Africa, and American continent. It is found mostly in Nepal, Srilanka, Malaya, Morocco, India, Indonesia, Rio, Philippines and Timor. The Greek name ‘Pipperi’ has come originally from Sanskrit ‘Pippali’. In India, mostly found in forest and cultivated in Assam, Central Himalaya, Khashi, Kerala, North East India and other parts of South India. It grows in hot and humid climate.

Long pepper fruit picLong pepper fruit

Medicinal use of Pippali

The fruit contains an alkaloid, volatile oil, and resin. The root also contains piplartin, piperine, and alkaloid. Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha system are making the best use of it. The parts used of it are an entire spike, seed, and root. It is used as a rejuvenator in Ayurveda.

  • Pippali is used to cure Asthma.
  • It is a useful herb for hair growth and used as a hair tonic.
  • Pippali has a long history of getting used in the treatment of Asthma.
  • Against indigestion, diarrhea, gastric problem and stomach pain, Pippali is used as an important herb.
  • It is also used to cure Beriberi caused due to deficiency of B1.
  • It also prevents stroke.
  • It is used in treating the enlarged spleen.
  • It rejuvenates lungs. It protects the respiratory and digestive system.
  • It releases heat produced due to metabolism from the body.
  • Pippali is used for the treatment of nasal running and Psoriasis.
  • Pippali is useful for insomnia and exhaustiveness.
  • Used as a very powerful stimulant for menstrual flow and cramp.
  • Locally, it is used to cause an abortion as well as infertility in various ways.
  • Women use this after child birth to line up the uterus.
  • Useful for people suffering in leprosy, coma, and epilepsy.
  • It fights against colic, anemia and tuberculosis.
  • Helpful for arthritis and also fights against parasites and bacteria.
  • It enhances milk in mothers.
  • It increases memory power and used as brain tonic.
  • Pippali gives relief from a chronic headache and heals bronchitis.
  • Pippali works for snake bite and intestinal worm treatment.
  • Drinking with boiled milk fights against malaria. It is also useful paralysis and gonorrhea.

Pippali is an important herb, which is used against Amavata cause due to bile. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature. Since ages, Pippali is used as spice, ingredient and medicine traditionally.