Magneto therapy and Eye cure

Magneto therapy and Eye cure

Magneto therapy : Treatment through magnets and magnetic devices is an old practice but constant research has convinced the medical fraternity with its utility and holistic approach. An effect of magnets was tried on vegetations and animals. When foolproof evidence of its therapeutic usage was proved, beyond doubt, it was and is being applied to get rid of various disorders. There are certain diseases where only this therapy has succeeded with encouraging results, whereas other therapies were either inadequate or ineffective.

Methods of using healing magnetic in Magneto therapy

Magnets are used in the following forms in Magneto therapy:

  1. Magnetized water for oral using.
  2. Magnetized oil, Vaseline, linoleum etc for local application.
  3. Application of various types of magnets in various kinds and gauses and
  4. Wearing magnets devices for some specific ailments.

 Types of magnets

  1. Ceramic magnets
  2. Steel magnets
  3. Man made magnets
  4. Electro magnets
  5. Low, medium and high power magnets
  6. Temporary and permanent magnets

Each magnet has a north and south pole. North Pole is applied on right side of the body while South Pole is applied on the left side of the body. As each pole of the magnet emits a distinct type of energy, a North Pole point to earth’s geographical “North Pole” while the South Pole point to earth’s geographical “South Pole”.

magneto therapy and eye cure

‘Prana’ or energy or vital force, which regulates and sustains our breathing process / cycle, is conserved by the south pole where as north pole speed up bioelectric activity and also assists in quick distribution of energy. Properties of south and north poles and their applicability to various physical and / or mantal disorders are quite clear.

Use of South Pole in various disorders

Being calm, cool, inhibitory and retarding pole, South Pole is capable of slowing down magnetic activity of cells and is credited with arresting inflammation on / ground various organs of body. Diseases like acidity, aches and pains, arthritis, bacterial affection and infections, cataract, glaucoma, headache, insomnia, initial stage of hernia, lumbago, eczema, neuralgic pains and pains of other origins, skin diseases, nervosity, nervous excitement, mental retardation, ringworm etc.

Use of North Pole in various disorders

It gives out heat, accelerates and circumvents activity of cells, gives out heat and energy; asthma, baldness (Alopecia), numbness, tingling, comatose, gastro-entritis, white patches on skin / leucoderma, etc. are cured by North Pole. It also affords strength to muscles and tissues by various disorders.

Use of north and south poles in Magneto therapy

Magnets are capable of ‘attracting’ and ‘dispelling’, as north pole will repel or drive its counterpart and south pole will also repel likewise. Earth has also immense magnetic which has certainly impact on all living beings, particularly with reference their stature, size, shape and form. When magnets capacity of earth lessened, it accounted for short stature, form, shape and size of all living being.

Due to access of inhibitory electrical forces of north poles, it is applied on right side of the body, when corresponding sides on the left side assumes a low profit as a result of which activity on the left side is adversely affected.

Due to constant use of strong antibiotic medicines, resistance to medicine with lower potencies is found in patients. When a particular drug, of whatever generic  origin, is used for a long time than needed, a state of immunity to that drug arises, compelling the doctor to prescribe other medicines, even in higher potency and of stronger mode. Hence a patient who could have been treated with medium or low powered magnets has to resort to strong magnets.

Magnets are of various shapes and powers as listed below:

  1. Healing magnets with power of 2000 Gauss or so are considered strong magnets and are often required to be applied in diseases like gout, eczema, paralysis, polio, painful menstruation, spondylosis of various etiologies and of different organs. These magnets are meant for adults. They may be used locally for said diseases.
  2. For diseases like toothache and earache healing magnets of 500 Gauss can be applied. These magnets are medium powered magnets and may be used on children as well, with equally encouraging results.
  3. Healing magnets of about 200 Gauss are considered to be of lower powers and are meant to be used on sensitive and delicate organs and diseases appearing therein like tonsils, eyes, nose etc. These magnets are U-shaped and can be used with equal efficiency by adults, infants and children alike when there is sleeplessness, dwarfishness and tonsillitis etc.

Medium and high powered magnets are unbreakable and are encased in steel, whereas magnets of ceramic type are brittle and so should be handled with utmost care because they can break if they fall on ground. To preserve their magnetic power, they are held by a ‘keeper’ (also called a magnets bar). After using such magnets they should be placed in ‘keeper’ so that they do not get united. These are also named as ‘Eternal’ because they are capable of retaining their magnetic property. If preserved and used carefully. If, however, they lose their magnetism they can be recharged and thus they regain their lost power and utility value. If aforesaid magnets are not handy, then flat and cylinder shapes may be used. The affected organs of the body are required to be exposed to smaller magnets for a longer time and, if necessary, may be bound or tied up with a clean and unused piece of cotton so that affected parts remain in constant touch with ailing organ.

Applicability of magnets

The method can be sub-divided into (i) general and (ii) local application of magnets:

General: North Pole is applied to upper, frontal and right side of body, whereas South Pole is meant to be applied to back, lower and left side of body. Here, one pair of north and one pair of south poles are used. Each pair is powerful in its own individual field. This division is based on simple and general categorization. In case of local application, this rule does not apply, because here importance is given to state and sensitivity of a particular organ, especially when swelling, pain, infection are present. For any portion of body above navel, apply magnets to palms and, for any disease below navel portion, apply magnets to soles of feet. Such method is applicable not to a single organ but where large portion of body is affected and also where there is no infection. It will suit best where a disease is chronic and affects whole body or large portion thereof or is bilateral.

Local: This means, where a specific organ is diseased, local application should be adhered to. For instance, If there is an acute pain in eye, nose, foot, wrist, knees, back etc., apply two , magnets to either or both knees, eyes, ears etc. and in case of pain along vertebra apply third magnet to cervical/lumbar portion on a specific vertebrae. Method of local application is not suitable in wounds etc where only North Pole is useful and use of South Pole may prove detrimental. More important factor is intensity, acuteness and severity of pain and the part involved where magnets are to be applied.

Time & duration of magnetic application in Magneto therapy

There are no hard and fast rules as to far how long magnets should be applied in Magneto therapy. Duration of application depends on various factors, like acute or chronic stage of case, age, temperament, susceptibility of patient, previous history, nature of disease etc. Duration can be anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes but precise duration will be decided by the magneto therapist only, since he will require lot of time to adjust his treatment to a patient’s individual response. Hence, he may have to exert a lot in order to be precise in this regard. Moreover, power or strength of a magnet, type of magnet to be applied and on which organ that is to be applied are some of the other factors, in addition to already mentioned factors in Magneto therapy. As for time of application, ayurvedic concept of three causes (kaph, vayu and pitta) may be borne in mind. Suffice to add that all the foregoing factors can be ably determined by an expert magnetotherapist. Patients are warned not be indiscreet in this aspect.

Necessary Precautions

1. During the period of application of magnet or soon after no cold eatables, drinks and beverages should be taken. That is anything cold is forbidden. Baths with cold water should also not be taken.

2. If magnets are applied soon after finishing meals repulsions in the form of nausea or vomiting may appear. It is necessary to take to magnets therapy at least two hours after taking meals.

3. Strong magnets should not be applied to brain, heart, pregnant women, tender and delicate organs like eyes, ears etc. Ceramic magnets must not be applied for more then 10 minutes in a single sitting but, even for this, and all other points must be determined and decided by an expert.

4. Two magnets, with north pole or south pole, should not be applied to pregnant woman as it may cause abortion.

5. Take only prescribed quantity of healing water which must not be substituted for ordinary drinking water. Be extra cautious while giving that to a child.

6. Strong healing magnets must not be brought nearer each other and, if per chance, a finger or thumb is caught in-between it may get crushed. Hence do not clamp strong magnets face-to-face with each other.

7. Do not let magnets touch your watch or any iron piece or product. Even electrical gadgets and items and time pieces are liable to be damaged if brought near magnets or magnetic fields thereof.

8. Do not touch walls or ground while using magnets.

9. Keep a wooden plank below your feet during application of magnets to your feet.

10. Cast-alloy magnets should be joined with a keeper when they are not in use.

11. Use magnets of finest quality and purchase them from a reliable source only. Don’t use imitative products.

12. All types of magnets must be kept under safe custody, away from reach of children and those persons who are unaware of their inherent danger and consequences. Children must not use or allowed to use magnets as playthings or toys.

13. After a sitting is over, one may take anything whether hot drinks or food, if necessity is ever felt therefor.

Healing water : Take 2 separates bottles with corks or stoppers which should be neat and clean and free from all types of foreign matters. Boil potable water first and then allow it to cool and fill both the bottles with the water. Such water filled bottles should be securely tightened with corks and then placed on a pair of strong magnets (say around 200 gauss or so) – one bottle on north pole’s magnet and other on south pole’s magnet for about twelve hours. Thus magnets effect of both magnets shall pass through each bottle and this is how magnetised water is procured. It is better to keep both varieties of water separate in the bottles. Sometimes, for curing certain diseases waters of both the magnets are required to be mixed; hence if both water are mixed before and after magnetisation then it will not be possible to separate them, in case if water of a particular pole is required for a disease. Tumblers or jugs may also be used on place of glasses but their covers or top lids should be so tight as not to let in any foreign matter.

Dose of healing water in Magneto therapy

Normally 50ml of healing water, thrice daily, will suffice for an adult patient but in case of children the said dose will be 25 ml thrice daily, depending on requirement for a particular patient, for a specific disease. If directed to use, this water may be used for cleansing of wounds, washing of eyes etc. Wines, bear, milk etc. cam also be magnetised  in aforesaid manner but, as their consumption is generally on higher side, they should not be exposed to magnets  in excess of an hour’s duration.

Therapeutic Uses of Healing water

As already mentioned certain toxins, foreign matters accumulate in body of a person, giving rice to many diseases and disorders. when such unwanted matters mix upon blood stream, almost all major or small organs get affected and their functions are adversely affected. further auto-immune system of body is also disturbed. Magnetised healing water is both preventive and curative. It helps in excertion of such toxins and foreign matters and also does not let them settle down or allow their entry or information in our metabolic system.