Liver cirrhosis home treatment

Causes of Liver cirrhosis and liver diseases

Liver cirrhosis causes : Malaria fever, Consistent high body temperature, alcohol, eating too much sweet and amoebic dysentery are main cases of liver cirrhosis and liver diseases.

Signs of liver problems / Liver cirrhosis

In liver problems liver gets hard and enlarged. As a result, cirrhosis of the liver disease arises.

Liver cirrhosis symptoms:

  1. Eyes and face looks blood less
  2. White tongue.
  3. Anemia.
  4. Blue veins in body.
  5. Body weakness.
  6. Constipation.
  7. Gastric problem.
  8. Bad taste in mouth.
  9. Pain in right shoulder.

Liver cirrhosis home treatment

  1. Take one big lemon (kagzi nimbu) and cut into 2 parts. Now take little black pepper powder, black salt powder, dried ginger powder and candy sugar powder. Mix all and sprinkle on one part of lemon nicely. Use anything to force this mixture to go inside juicy part of lemon. Now Cover this lemon with a pot and leave as it is for whole night. Next morning one hour before taking food, put this lemon on low flame for 10 seconds and suck it.  Its best home remedy for Liver cirrhosis. Follow this process from 7 to 15 days. Its best remedy for bad taste in mouth, constipation remedy, headache and stomach pain.Liver cirrhosis home treatment
  2. In liver problems do not eat sugar or anything sweet in any condition. If you take milk then do not add sugar in it but use currant to make it sweet. Do not eat chapati or wheat flour roti but eat vegetables and fruits only. Do not add spices in vegetables and fruits.
  3. In liver cirrhosis, eat tomato, spinach, carrot juice, Bathua or lamb’s-quarter, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, papaya, amla, apple etc.
  4. Take butter milk twice a day with some black pepper and rock salt. Do not eat oil and butter. Its also beneficial in jaundice.
  5. Eating onion twice a day is good remedy for liver cirrhosis.
  6. Take amla juice 25gm or one table spoonful amla powder 3 times a day with water. It will relieve all symptoms of liver cirrhosis.
  7. Take one glass lemon water and mix some salt in it. Drink this water twice a days is beneficial in all liver diseases. Follow this process from 7 to 15 days.
  8. Eat 200gm jambul fruit (jamun) everyday with empty stomach. Its good for liver.
  9. In liver enlargement, Mix 2gm jaggery with 2gm inknut cover powder and make small candy. Take one candy every morning and evening with lukewarm water for one month. Its best remedy for liver enlargement and spleen enlargement. Its also beneficial in acidity.
  10. Take Ajwain seed powder (carom seed) 2gm and mix .5gm rock salt in it. Take this mixture with lukewarm water everyday after taking food. Its also best diarrhea treatment at home.