How to stop smoking weed & cigarette smoking

Find how to stop smoking weed, how to quit smoking weed, home remedies to quit cigarette smoking, quitting marijuana and Natural Ways to Quit Smoking.

Smoking is the greatest cause of death globally and is very much harmful to health. There is no safe way of smoking. The immune system of human body protects itself from various diseases and infections. Smoking compromises with the immune system. Smoking makes it weak thus making smokers more prone to infections and diseases.

Effects of smoking

Nicotine is one of the major components of tobacco and this reaches brain in seconds of time. Nicotine is a stimulant for central nervous system. Thus it makes one feel energized only for a little while. When the effect of nicotine subsides, it makes one feel tired and craves for more. This increases the risk of cataracts, poor eyesight and muscular degeneration. Also there is a chance of decrease in sense of smell and taste.

Cardiovascular System or circulatory system enables blood to circulate throughout the body. It carries amino acids, electrolytes, hormones, oxygen in the body and provide nourishment and resist various diseases. But due to smoking, this system gets damaged.

When one smoke, various substances gets inside which damages lungs. As a result lungs lose the capability to filter out harmful chemicals and those toxins get trapped into the lungs. All smokers have risk of colds, flu and respiratory infections

Both men and women smokers may find difficult to achieve orgasm. Due to restricted blood circulation, men’s ability of erection gets affected. Smokers experience complications during pregnancy including chances of miscarriage and premature delivery. They have a higher rate of infertility.

Marijuana effects

Marijuana is also another kind of toxic which is used for smoking. It is a mixture of dried stems, seeds, flowers and shredded leaves of the plant named Cannabis sativa. Immediately after consuming marijuana, the heart beat increases rapidly and there is a lack in physical coordination. Major marijuana effects are listed below:

Marijuana increases the rate of heart beat and thus increases the blood pressure. This force the heart work more strenuously. This extra load on heart has not much effect on healthy individuals. But has serious effect on those who have pre existing heart diseases.

Smoking marijuana irritates the very delicate lining present in the respiratory track and damages the bronchial passages. This results in incapability of the respiratory system to clear and filter the toxins.

Marijuana leads to change in the structure of sperm cells and deforms them. Even a small amount of marijuana intake can lead to temporary sterility in men. Not only in men, even women’s menstrual cycle can get effected due to use of marijuana.

Many smokers want to quit smoking; but the truth is that it is very tough. According to the specialists quitting is a challenge but not impossible. To quit smoking, it is an integrated and multipronged approach. How to stop smoking weed is always a big question for smoker. Here we will talk about how to stop smoking weed / cigarette / marijuana.

How to stop smoking weed & cigarette smoking / quitting marijuana

  1. Take 100gm ajwain (carom seeds), 100gm big saunf (fennel) and 60gm black salt. Now grind all and mix juice of 2 lemons. Leave this mixture for whole night. Next morning put this on a iron plate on low flame to remove moisture and store in a glass bottle. Whenever you feel need of tobacco or smoking then chew half tablespoonful of this mixture. Do this 4-6 times a day. Within few days you will quit smoking naturally. This mixture is also beneficial in gastric trouble, improve digestion system, cleanse blood etc. If you have toothache because of tobacco then its best home remedy. Best remedy about how to stop smoking weed / cigarette / marijuana.
  2. Take 25gm onion juice every day. Onion juice kills poison created by tobacco in your body.
  3. Chew small harad (Inknut) after lunch and dinner. It will help quitting cigarette smoking & quitting marijuana. If you ask about how to stop smoking weed and cigarette smoking then this is best remedy.
  4. To quit afeem (Opium) take half tablespoon carom seeds and chew when you feel need of Opium.
  5. To quit every kind of smoking I am going to tell you world’s best ayurvedic medicine. Which you can make at home using high quality ayurvedic herbs. This is best remedy about how to stop smoking weed.

      Take Following herbs in same quantity (100gm):

  1. Safed musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum)
  2. Baheda ki chaal (Beleric)
  3. Majuphal (Quercus Infectoria)
  4. Pathani lodh (Symplocos Racemosa)
  5. Small cardamom
  6. Kamarkas (Butea Frondosa)
  7. Supari flower (Areca catechu)

All these herbs must be in good quality. Make powder of all 7 herbs and mix in same quantity to make a mixture. This mixture is known as saptaguna churna. To make saptaguna vati, add little milk in this mixture and make small candies. To quit smoking, tobacco, afeem, cigarette, charas and ganja, suck one candy everyday for few days. If you want to eat something then just take this candy out of your mouth. Take back in your mouth when you finish eating. You must not chew the candy but suck the candy. You will get positive result in just 3 days. Saptaguna vati is also beneficial in bad breath in mouth. It makes your teeth and gum stronger. It whiten your teeth and give relief in toothache and pyria (Pieria). It’s a best home remedy for old mouth sores. Saptaguna churna is very beneficial for women especially in back pain, women menstrual periods and leucorrhoea (Shvet Pradar).

To get complete benefits of Saptaguna churna take 50gm Saptaguna churna and mix 50gm sugar candy in it. Take half tablespoonful of this mixture every morning with milk for 7 days. After 7 days stop taking this medicine for next 7 days. Follow this procedure for 4 weeks.

If your child wet the bed every night then boil 1gm Saptaguna churna in 1 cup milk. Give your child every night before going to bed for 3 days. It will give sure relief in bed Wetting.

Looking into the harmful effects in intake of nicotine as well as marijuana, it is very much essential for a smoker to quit smoking immediately. Quit smoking is not an easy task; it is not impossible either. Here we will talk about some natural ways to stop smoking weed / cigarette / marijuana.

Some other natural ways to quit smoking

1. Acupuncture Acupuncture is known to provide relief from the symptoms which are associated with withdrawing nicotine such as restlessness, jitters and irritability. In the first few weeks, withdrawal symptoms get worse and gradually the intensity of symptoms decreases with time. According to specialists, acupuncture is one of the effective natural methods to quit smoking. Prior to providing acupuncture, the therapist evaluates the smoking habits such as when the individual smokes, what is the reason behind smoking, how often they smoke etc. After receiving the acupuncture treatment, cigarette cessations decreases because acupuncture enhances the serotonin level in plasma and the tissues of brain.

2. Meditation Practicing meditation can provide an individual to access in calm, cool and collected state of mind. The psychological stress that smokers undergo after quitting cigarettes can be controlled with meditation. Meditation can help a smoker to quit and encourage the individual to start healthy habits such as exercise and improve well being. On average an individual should undergo meditation for at least 45 minutes every day. If you would ask me about how to stop smoking weed then this is pure natural and harmless way to quit smoking.

3. Oats Oats is an old remedy which can be used to quit smoking. One just needs to take a spoon of ground oats and them mix the oats with two cups of boiled water and leave it overnight. In the next morning boil the mixture for ten minutes. This mixture of liquid is to be taken after every meal other than at night. The oats help to flush out harmful toxins from human body and also help to erase the symptoms after quitting. This is all about how to stop smoking weed.

4. Water Plenty of water intakes are the ultimate and easiest remedy to counter smoking habits. Water helps to detoxify human body. Whenever one feels like smoking, the individual should drink water. This will decrease the carving as well as reduce the irritation.

5. Multivitamins Smoking cigarettes result in deficiency of various essential nutrients of human body. This deficiency can be replenished by taking supplements of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Intake of vitamins also helps to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms as well as repair the body from the damage occurred. If you have question that how to stop smoking weed then multivitamins can help.