How to increase height and weight

How to increase height and weight Naturally at home

How to increase height is a big question for every short person. Height is an important factor which describes the overall personality of a person. Though being short does not in any way undermine an individual’s capabilities but it’s a fact that long people often become the centre of attention. People short in height not only suffer from a lack of confidence, but they also face some difficulties in some aspects of their lives.

It is seen the height is always an important concern for some people. A good height makes people confident and adds a good look. It is seen people being depressed of their heights. Some go through inferiority because of their short height. However, the good news is Yoga/Exercise, Ayurveda and many more ways are available for any of such problem and gain height. Though it has been a concept that height is affected genetically, yet it is not alone. Some other factors are responsible for this and can be treated by above said ways. The growth hormones are responsible for development and height.

People who are short in height often wish they were taller. Being tall can revamp how a person feels about himself or herself. People with short height, especially men, may be self-conscious about it and feel less confident. In next few lines we will talk about how to increase height and weight naturally.

How to increase height naturally

  1. Ashwagandha powder for height : Take 200gm Nagori Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera / Indian ginseng / Winter Cherry) and grind to make a thin powder. To make powder, filter crushed ashwagandha by a clean cloth. Now mix 200gm sugar candy powder in it and store in a glass bottle. Take 2 table spoon of this powder every night with hot milk. It increases your body strength, body mass, body weight and height. Ashwagandha helps to create new blood. It is best remedy for all sexual problems in man. It creates seeman in man. Its world’s best herb to gain power and strength. Take ashwagandha regularly for 40 days. Take ahwagandha only in winter season because the nature of ashwagandha is hot. Its best ayurvedic herb about how to increase height.How to increase height and weight
  2. To make ashwagandha powder, first boil ashwagandha in milk and then allow ashwagandha to be dry for some time. Then make powder of it. Ashwagandha is very beneficial in joint pain, back pain, body pain, body weakness, strengthen a weak uterus, headache ayurvedic treatment, urine problems treatment and night discharge treatment.
  3. Ashwagandha makes your nervous system stronger. Its best herb for acidity and gastric trouble.
  4. Its best herb for hysteria treatment. When using ashwagandha, do not eat oily and citrus foods. If you have constipation then don’t take ashwagandha.
  5.  Yoga for Increasing Your Height: Do tadasana, chakrasana, trikonasana and surya namaskar everyday. Chakrasana increases whole body height. Trikonasana increases length of legs. Yoga is all about how to increase height and strength naturally.
  6. Taking cow milk and pure butter is also helpful to increase height. Make sweet of pure butter and eat with cow milk every day.
  7.  Swimming is an workout which requires plenty of stretching and reaching, which can gradually increase your height. Swimming is all about how to increase height.
  8.  Hanging Exercises: Hanging exercises are great to increase height. You will just need to hang down from a bar and allow your body to stretch. You can also hang and then take your legs up parallel to the ceiling to create better stretch. Hanging Exercises are all about how to increase height.
  9. Cobra Stretch: Using cobra stretch you can stretch out your spine and elongating the body. The more you do this yoga the more you will open up your back and increase your height. To do this stretch lie on the face down and palms under your shoulders. Then arch your back by raising your chin to form an angle. If you have question in mind that how to increase height, then its best exercise.
  10. Minerals like calcium, manganese and zinc helps in building bone tissues, improves blood circulation and boosts height growth naturally. So Eat broccoli, cabbage, spinach, prunes, peaches, grapes, bananas, pumpkin, carrot, peanuts and legumes every day. You should also have vitamin A rich foods like spinach, beetroot, carrots, chicken, cantaloupe, papaya, peach, milk, apricots, tomatoes and peas.
  11. Try to drink good amounts of water throughout the day. Water flushes out harmful toxins from your body and improves digestion. It also improves your metabolism rate, which have a direct impact on your height.
  12. A good posture plays a great role in the increament of your height. A good posture is one where the head and neck are aligned without any sign of bending or slouching.

yoga to increase height

How height can be increased by Yoga and Exercise:

Yoga is the union of body and mind. By doing Yoga, the body gets detoxified. Because of this, it calms one’s mind. The relaxed and quiet mind produces more growth hormone. There are various kinds of Yoga, which can help to increase height:

Sun salute: By doing this, the internal and external parts of the body are stretched and loosened. The blood circulation increases.

Lying-down body twist: It stretches the spine and quadriceps. It also enhances blood circulation. It also calms the mind.

Cobra posture: It stretches the chest, decreases stress and increases blood circulation. It also quiets the mind and increases the secretion of growth hormone thus increase height naturally..

Tree pose: The pose brings union between mind and body and eventually fastens the secretion of growth hormone.

Easy pose: The Easy Pose Yoga also called pleasant pose relaxes the mind.

Dog and cat pose: It extends the spine directly. If you have question in mind about how to increase height then its the best yoga pose.

Hand foot pose: Standing forward bend is an important Yoga for the growth of height for those who are shorter from lower or upper of their body.

The body also requires adequate sleep to grow because it stretches the spine.

Useful Exercises to increase height:

Skipping, swimming, hanging, pelvic shift, and one-leg hopping are most important exercises for gaining height.