How to improve memory

How to improve memory

Definition of weak memory

How to improve memory : Weak memory is the condition in which the person faces difficulty in remembering certain things which are necessary to maintain normal life. In this condition people experience memory lapses. Some of the problems are truly serious while some are not. People having very poor memory along with noticeable alterations in behavior and personality may actually be suffering from a particular brain disease called dementia which creates serious problems in a person’s ability to carry on with daily activities. In next few lines we will discuss about how to improve memory.

Symptoms of weak memory

Forgetfulness is a symptom of weak memory but it cannot be considered to be serious unless it is accompanied by other symptoms of the mental instability. Confusion, changes in behavior and personality can be considered as the main symptoms of memory weakening.

Causes of weak memory

Causes of weak memory can develop differently in different stages of life. The short term memory that is actually the storage space for regular tasks and lists are affected with age, lack of sleep, stress or anxiety. High fever, alcohol intoxication or surgery can result in erasing certain patches of memory. Sudden loss of memory can be the result of a stroke and this condition is often accompanied by neurological symptoms. Some deep rooted issues such as brain tumors or on setting of the Alzheimer’s disease can give way to weak memory. Alzheimer’s disease and Senile dementia are the major causes of weak memory in older people and these conditions result in gradual erosion of the patient’s personality. Prescription drugs, antidepressants and alcohol can cause weak memory too. Lack of proper nutrition is also a major cause of memory weakening. In next few lines we will discuss about how to improve memory.

Home remedies for weak memory

1. Take seven almonds and drown in the water in night. In early morning peel almonds and make almond paste. If your eyes are also weak then make paste of kali mirch ( black pepper ) and mix it with almonds paste. Now mix this paste of almonds and black pepper with 250 ml. milk and boil that milk for 5 to 10 minutes. After that stop boiling the milk and mix one table spoon pure ghee ( butter ) and 2 tablespoon sugar. Leave this whole mixer for some time to be cold and when it is little bit hot then take it. Follow this process for 40 days regularly. This is best home made remedy about how to improve memory.

This milk is very good medicine for weak memory and weak brain. This milk will also improve your body strength and power.

How to improve memory. home remedies for memory improvement

2. Take 7 almonds, 7 black pepper, 2 small cardamom and 3gm big fennel. Soak all these herbs in water for whole night in clay pot. Next morning remove cover of almonds and cardamom and grind with black pepper and fennel to make a thin paste. Now mix this paste in 250gm water and filter with a clean cloth. Now mix 2 table spoon honey or sugar candy in this water and drink slowly. This is known as almond milk. This almond milk is best food for mind, improve memory, improve eyesight and body strength. In summer use dry coriander in place of fennel. Follow this procedure everyday. You can increase 2 almonds every week till 15 almonds. Almond milk is best food for babies.

3. Take 100gm fennel and 100gm sugar candy (misri). Grind both to make a powder. Take 2 table spoon of this powder everyday after lunch and dinner. Do this for 2 months. It will strength your mind.

4. Consume fennel powder with honey everyday. Its one of best home remedy for weak memory.

5. Eat pistachio, pumpkin and sesame seeds everyday. These both foods improves memory.

6. Always eat muskmelon seeds with muskmelon because muskmelon seeds are able to improve memory.

7. Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and black pepper are beneficial for memory and mind. Boil 5 gm bacopa monnieri with 100 gm pure butter. Now mix some black pepper powder and sugar in it and consume.

8. Boil 5 leaves of Ficus religiosa (peeple) tree in 500 gm milk. Strain and mix some candy sugar in it. Consuming this milk everyday is great remedy for memory.

9. Take 25 gm white butter. Mix some black pepper and sugar in it and consume everyday with empty stomach.

10. Mix some amla powder with some honey and consume everyday.

11. Eat 3 walnuts everyday. Also eat apple fruit.

12. Take 250 gm almonds, dried ginger and candy sugar. Grind all to make a powder. Consume 10 gm of this mixture every night with one glass lukewarm milk. Its one of best home remedies to improve memory. It also improves your eyesight.

13. Eat Sesame seeds everyday. It improves power of your minds and decreases the tension.

14. Take beetroot juice everyday with empty stomach OR beetroot salad everyday.

15. Eat amla murabba everyday with empty stomach.

Almond milk benefits

The almond milk is very beneficial in winter season. This is a best medicine for students and person who uses his mind a lot. After taking this milk in the morning, do not take anything for next 2 hours. This almonds milk is also helpful in migraine.

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Other Treatments

If you cannot take almonds milk then take those almonds and black peeper and eat every almond and black pepper one by one by and take hot milk just after that. This treatment will surely improve your memory, improve eyesight, give you relief in eye tiredness and eye flu. These below home made remedies are about how to improve memory.

  1. Pistachio nuts are great source of thiamine. When the weakness of memory is caused due to deficiency of thiamine in the body, these nuts can prove to be magical. Half cup of pistachio nuts contains 0.54 mg of thiamine. Recommended daily allowance for thiamine is 1.5mg for men and 1.1mg for women (for 50 years of age or younger). You can consume pistachio nuts on regular basis to sharpen the memory.
  2. Wheat germ is a great way to treat weak memory that is caused due to aging. It is an apt raw material and is enriched with Vitamin E.
  3. Blueberries are the juicy fruits, which are rich in antioxidants. They help a lot in improving the condition of short term memory weakness.
  4. Carrots are great memory boosters as they are the rich source of carotene. You can mix carrot juice with apricot juice to prepare a delicious drink.
  5. Egg consists of a fatty substance called lecithin. Lecithin helps to nourish the memory nerve cells. Lecithin is also present in soybean as well as sunflower oil. It is also available in capsule form. You can consume 50 to 70 mg lecithin to boost your memory.
  6. Rosemary is an herb which is extremely effective for weak memory. It is a great remedy for treating forgetfulness and mental exhaustion.
  7. Okra or ladies finger is considered to be a good memory booster.
  8. Laughter is best therapy for your brain. Listening jokes and working out punch lines activates areas of the brain vital to learning and creativity.
  9. Eat healthy diet everyday to get proper quantity of omega-3 fatty acids like fish such as salmon, tuna, halibut, trout, mackerel, sardines, and herring. If you do not like to eat fish then eat walnuts, ground flaxseed, flaxseed oil, winter squash, kidney and pinto beans, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and soybeans.
  10. Exercise encourages our brain to work at maximum capacity by stimulating nerve cells to multiply, strengthening their interconnections and protecting them from damage.
  11. Getting a proper sleep is very important for brain growth so always take 7 -8 hours sleep every day.