Beauty enhancement tips to be beautiful women

Home remedy for women to enhance beauty & power

Apple and carrots are easily available in winter season and full of lot of qualities.

If a woman is heavy with lot of body fat then take 1 apple and 2 carrots. Now kaddukas (GRATER) apple and carrot separately and eat in the morning with empty stomach. After that do not eat anything for next 2 hours. This remedy will not only increase your body power and energy level but also burn your extra body fat and makes you beautiful women. It will clean your blood and enhance your beauty.Its Best shaktivardhak tonic for women.

If a woman is weak then to increase body weight eat this grated apple and carrot after lunch. It is very good tonic if your body weight is decreasing or if you are feeling weak.

Find Home remedy for women to enhance beauty & power with natural food apple and carrot.