Home remedies to improve eyesight

Some useful home remedies to improve eyesight and eye exercises

In this article we will take about natural ways to improve eyesight, how to improve your eyesight naturally and eye exercises to improve eyesight.

1. Triphala to Improve Eyesight  (A compound of 3 myrobalans)

Its is useful and quite often used combination for general health of eyes and Improve Eyesight. Amla (3/4 part), Harar or Haridra (2 parts) and Bahera (1part) should be taken in the said quantity and divested of the kernels. Separate the soft part and reduce to powder form which should be used in the following forms (any form which is found available):

  • Soak the powder (1TSP) in a glassful of water and filter through a sieve or  apiece of muslin cloth and mix some extra water to it. Drink 1/2 quantity of the water on empty stomach in the morning. Its best remedy to prevent constipation, improve eyesight and also keep eyes healthy.
  • Wash your eyes with the balance quantity of liquid. For doing so and to get optimum mileage use glass eye cups and blink the eyes, at least 6-10 times. Repeat the process 2-3 times will Improve Eyesight.
  • Those who can not drink triphala water, due to its disagreeable taste, should take amla jam (one piece) in the morning on empty stomach and a piece of harar (inknut) jam with milk at night – an hour before retiring to bed; but diabetics should refrain from using the two jams. It will surely improve eyesight. Its one of best home remedies for improving eyesight naturally.
  • soak 50 gms of triphala in a glass of water at night. In the morning crush the contents in the same water and reduce to pulp form. Fry the same in cow’s ghee, add black pepper, and salt and consume the same in the same manner as you eat other cooked vegetables. Its best remedy to improve eyesight.
  • If a small Harar is sucked and its juice let in, it will prove effective in removing constipation and add to brightness of vision. It will improve eyesight naturally.
  • Every morning fill your mouth with cold water for minimum 1 minute. During this period, wash your eyes with triphala water 3-4 times. After one minute spit this water out of your mouth. Follow this process again.

2. Honey, onion and Lemon

Squeeze juices of onion and lemon and mix with honey (Ratio 1:2:4). Retain the resultant contents in a neat bottle, having a fixed dropper. Insert 2-3 drops in each eye in the morning and night. These eye drops are curative and preventive of host of eye disorders, apart from keeping the eyes lustrous, sparkling, neat and clean and, above all, improving the vision. If irritation ensues, drop only 1-2 drops of honey only. Efficacy of these eye drops can be further enhanced if some quantity of rose water is added to the liquid compound. This is best home remedy to improve eyesight.

3. Rose water

Fill in the eyes cup of 2/3 capacity with rose water and revolve your eye in all the directions up, down, sideways. It will impart general comfort to the eyes, remove foreign matter, if any, improve eye sight and coll the eyes. Keep the eye in rose water for 5-10 minutes. Repeat the process with the other eye. Rose water is best to Improve Eyesight and one of best home remedies for eyesight.

Other Remedies for eyes

  1. Take almonds, big size saunf (fennel) and misri. Now crush all of these to make a powder, mix well and store in a glass bottle. Take 10 gm of this mixture with 250 gm milk every night before going to bad. Follow this process 40 days. This is the best home remedy to improve eyesight / vision and removal of glasses. This is also good food for memory improvement and weak memory. To children, give this in half quantity. After taking this mixture do not take anything for next 2 hours. It will surely Improve Eyesight.
  1. Every morning fill your mouth with cold water and then wash your eyes with cold water for 2 minutes. During this process water should be in your mouth. After that spit out that water. Follow this process 3 times a day every day. It is one of great home remedies for weak eyesight and will surely improve vision.
  2. Soak 1 table spoon triphala churna (triphala powder) in water every night in a clay pot or glass pot. Next morning filter this water and wash your eyes with this. This not only improve eyesight but also protect your eyes from diseases. Follow this process for 1 month. This triphala churna is beneficial in every eye disease like eye pain, red eye, weak eye, stye eye, cataract etc. It will improve eyesight fast.
  1. Massage bottom of your legs every day with mustard oil is very beneficial for eyes and improves vision.
  1. Take Carrot and potato juice twice a day for 2 months.
  2. Take powder of white cumin with curd and make it a routine part of diet, adding some rock salt to taste.
  3. Mix equal quantity of carrot and parsley juice to keep the eyes free from general disorders.
  4. Take glassful of carrot juice will provide requisite quantity of Vitamin ‘A’, the short supply of which is a prime factor in causing blindness and other eye disorder. Its an excellent and cheapest mode for an all round eye care. Alternatively boil the carrot in water or eat raw but without any spice or salt.
  5. Spinach is rich in Vitamin ‘A’ and is more useful then code liver oil even. It is more useful in night blindness. It helps to improve eyesight.
  6. Take Vitamin ‘C’ every day. Eat green vegetable, fruits, milk and milk products. instead of synthetic vitamins. Amla, lime and citrus fruits ate the best sources of it. It will surely improve eyesight.
  7. Seeds of sunflower, watermelon, pumpkin, muskmelon, cucumber, and vegetables like beans, turnip, cauliflower, cabbage, sprouted pulses and grains, cottage cheese, apricot are useful in improving vision and also dispelling various eye disorders.
  8. Soak 5 almonds overnight. Peel the same and reduce to paste form, add ground powder of  aniseed (1 gm), five black pepper. Heat 2 table spoonful of cow’s ghee on slow fire. Add raw sugar (1TPS) and mix all the said ingredients to it and eat hot. Drink a glassful of cow’s milk after eating other contents. This prescription is said to sharpen eye-sight, improve the same. Apart from providing strength to eye muscles. It will Improve Eyesight.
  9. Aniseed is a specific ingredients to improve eye sight. If a TSP is slowly chewed after each meal, it will also improve eyesight.
  10. Mix 100gm triphala with 100gm misri (candy sugar) and store in a glass bottle. Take 1 table spoon of this mixture with 1 table spoon of honey every morning and evening on empty stomach. Take 250gm lukewarm milk on it. Follow this process for 2-3 months. This simple home remedy to improve vision, makes your eyes healthy, shiny and disease free.

 Home Remedies To Improve Eyesight

Vitamin, mineral and calcium deficiencies should preferably be made good through relevant vegetable, fruit, milk, sea food and poultry products. Natural foods take far less time to get digested and metabolized. You have wider choices to choose from vast varieties of various food items. And one has plenty of freedom to choose those items that suits the best.

Remember if diet is in order, hardly any disease can surface but, then, wrong diet can also cause various disorders which, later on, can be corrected by suitable food substitutes which suit a person. Hence, if you wish to keep your eyes and other body organs in good and functional condition, never take resort to unnatural means, rather fall back on natural means.

Eye Exercises to maintain and improve vision

According to eye specialists, pressure and tension on outer muscles of eyes is the main cause of eye problems. These pressure and tension changes size of eyes with the time. Different kind of tensions generates errors of refractions in eyes. In myopia person cannot see things at long distance and in hypermetropia person can see things near to them. These conditions generates because of imperfect accommodation. There is lot of Exercise available for eyes and palming is one the best exercise for eye and Improve Eyesight.

Palming procedure

1. For palming, sit down in comfortable position and put your both elbows on your knees. Now touch both of your knees to each other closely. Close your eyes loosely. Now make bowl like shape of your palms and put your palms on your cheek bones in a way that it should cover your eyes but your palms should not touch your eyes. Your both eyes should be covered completely but there should be no pressure on eyes and eyes must not reach to eyes. Both eyes and hands should be tension less. Stop thinking anything and try to be tension less. To make your mind tension less, you should imagine black background. The main purpose of palming is to make your eyes and mind tension less. Be in this position for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes remove your palms, open and close eyes fast for few seconds. Your will feel that your eyes are getting stronger day by day and very helpful to Improve Eyesight.

2. This exercise is different form other eye exercise. Sit comfortable on a floor, or bed , join fingers and thumbs of hands.Band them slightly inwards and place one hand on the right eye and other on second. Close the eyes and place both hands in such a way that hands do not touch the eyes, and also not even an iota of light gets in. Contemplate, concentrate and imagine that darkness in enveloping the eyes. No circular motion of palms is involved here.

Alternate methods of palming to Improve Eyesight

1. Sit of flour or cot, your back portion touching the wall and knees touching each frontal side of chest.Back side of hand should also touch  the wall. place your elbows on the knees and start palming in he manner suggested above.

2. Sit in a chair or on a wooden / plastic stool. Place both the elbows on the table and then, start palming in the manner suggested above.

Paling should be done 4 to 5 times a day. Palming is very beneficial in cataract and strain. You can do palming in eye tiredness to get relief. It is known as savasana of eyes and best to Improve Eyesight.