Home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy and morning sickness

Home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy and morning sickness

During pregnancy, many women have often nausea or vomiting, which is normally referred to as morning sickness. For lot of female, it occurs in the morning, but the issue can happen anytime during the day.

Several factors can be the reason of morning sickness, such as certain odors, particular foods, fatigue, anxiety, or vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Vomiting  is very normal during pregnancy and there is nothing to worry about. You can get relief from nausea and vomiting with some simple, natural remedies.

Here you have some simple home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy and morning sickness during pregnancy.

1. Take powder of 2 cloves and eat with 1 table spoonful of honey. This is simple but one of best Home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy.

Home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy using clove and honey2. Burn some coconut husk (coir). Take 1gm of this burned coir and mix with 10gm honey. Eating this mixture is very beneficial for a pregnant woman.

3. Take 10gm lotus beads inner part, 10gm cardamom powder, 10gm candy sugar and 5gm pure Bamboo (Vanshlochan). Grind all to make powder and filter with a clean cloth. Take 2gm of this mixture with milk. Its not only beneficial in vomiting but also decreases the chance of miscarriage during pregnancy.

4. During vomiting take 20gm Aegle marmelos (Belgiri), crush it and mix with rice water. Now mix some candy sugar in it and drink. Follow this 3 times a day. This is one of best Home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy.

5. Take 2gm dry coriander powder and 10gm sugar. Mix both in rice water and drink. It will stop vomiting immediately.

6. Soak Black gram in water for whole night. Next morning drink this water. Its very effective remedy for vomiting during pregnancy.

7. Amla benefits and uses are unlimited. Amla (Indian gooseberry) is a great fruit to have during pregnancy because it not only stops vomiting but also provides nutrition to mother and child. Eat 2 amla murabba (Indian gooseberry Jam) every morning with empty stomach.

Indian gooseberry jam during pregnancy

8. Boil 2gm coriander powder in water. Strain it, mix some candy sugar and drink this water.

9. Lemon: Take juice of 4 lemons and mix 50gm rock salt in it. Now soak 125gm cumin seed in this lemon juice for 1 – 2 hours. When cumin seed absorb whole lemon juice then store cumin seeds in a glass bottle. Chew half table spoon cumin seeds 3 times a day. Its one of best home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy.

10. Take 10gm Pandanus flowers extract (kewra) after every half an hour without mixing water in it. Taking 5-6 doses will give you sure relief.

11. Coriander and rice water is good for pregnant woman. Soak 25gm rice and 2gm dry coriander in 100gm water. After 30 minutes crush rice and coriander in same water with your hands, strain and drink water. It will stop vomiting and allow female body to recover.

12. Bael fruit is very beneficial during pregnancy. Take one undeveloped bael fruit and eat 3gm of it with little candy sugar 3 times a day.

13. Pregnant woman must drink orange juice everyday during pregnancy. Orange provides all required nutrition to mother and baby. Take half table spoon of orange peel power and suck it. Now drink orange juice on it. Its one of best home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy.

14. Bake 1gm cardamom on a iron plate. Mix with one table spoon honey and take it. It will stop vomiting immediately.

15. Take 25gm orange juice and mix with 2 table spoonful of pure honey. Have this mixture 4 times a day. It will not only stop vomiting but also best remedy for diarrhea and acidity.

16. Take 35gm juice of fresh green coriander and have it twice a day. If green coriander is not available then soak 50gm dry coriander in 100gm water for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, strain and drink that water.