Home remedies for stomach ulcers

Home remedies for stomach ulcers that can help to get rid of it

What is an ulcer?

Ulcer, basically, is termed to be an internal or external lesion or sore, which is considered to be necrosis (tissue death at the cellular level) sign. Most of the ulcers, which plague most of the people, are known as gastric ulcers that are regarded to be internal in nature. But there are present different types of ulcers and include the following: Gastric ulcer, serpent ulcer, peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcers, canker sore (herpes), bed sore, ulcerative colitis and decubitus ulcer.


Usually, internal ulcers occur on mucous membranes (internal skin) of the gastrointestinal tract. The most common of them all is considered to be gastric ulcers, which occur in the stomach region. A peptic ulcer occurs in the stomach lining that has been eroded way because of extreme acidosis. Similar to it, the other ulcer types like ulcerative colitis and gastric ulcers tend to occur in the gastrointestinal tract or digestive tract.


Internal ulcer’s common symptoms include stomach pain, chronic burning (inflammation) and bleeding from the rectum. These are due to excess acid being present in the body again a cause of wrong lifestyle and degenerate diet.

Consuming dairy, starches and meat can contribute towards acidosis since meat gets converted to uric acid, dairy to lactic acid while starch to carbonic acid. Even acidic beverages are known to play a major role. Besides all this, stress is also a factor that leads to causing an internal ulcer, as it creates excess acids within the body. Poor diet and stress could lead to digestive or stomach issues, along with migraine headaches. Moreover, the drugs that are used to soothe headaches like aspirin may convert to acetic acid, which, in turn, could eat up the red blood corpuscles.

It is for this reason people having ‘acid reflux’ are often prescribed with ‘antacids.’ However, the antacid again is Alkalinity, which further creates problems by breaking into acids. It can be stated that antacids simply ‘masks’ the issue (ulcers, acidosis), but is not fruitful enough to deal with the issue to provide proper and complete healing.

This is where home remedies can prove to be useful!

Some effective home remedies for stomach ulcers

Home remedies can be termed to be a natural way to treat ulcers. The best part is that majority of the ingredients that go into the process actually comes from the common items available readily in the kitchen, in most of the households. Therefore, it can be stated to be a simple, easy and cost-effective way to treat ulcers and get complete relief from it. What one has to understand is the fact that ulcers are rather a degenerative disease that effectively means that these are preventable and reversible by following the right kind of lifestyle and proper diet.

1. Bananas

Both raw and ripe bananas can prove to be effective, some specific antibacterial compounds are present within them, which inhibit ulcer-causing H. Pylori development. The system also stays protected by wiping out gastric juice created acidity by eating bananas while strengthening stomach lining and reducing inflammation.


  • For treating ulcer, ripe bananas, at least three are to be eaten or to have banana milkshake every day.
  • Or, the person can have 2 to 3 bananas peeled and cut into slices. The slices are to be placed in the sun, until dry. The dried pieces are then to be grounded to a fine powder. Honey of one teaspoon and two tablespoons of this powder is to be mixed and taken for a week three times daily.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage is considered to have lactic acid that helps to produce amino acid to stimulate the flow of blood to stomach lining, thereby, strengthening it and having ulcer healed completely. Besides this, this vegetable is also said to have vitamin C in sufficient quantity, known to be beneficial for those affected with H. pylori infections. Experiments conducted have shown that anti-peptic (vitamin U) ulcer factor could be found in fresh carrot juice.

  • Two carrots and about half raw cabbage are to be cut to small pieces, placed in a blender for extracting the juice.
  • This juice about one-half cup is to be consumed every day at bedtime and before every meal.
  • For several weeks, this procedure is to be repeated. But care is to be taken to ensure consuming only fresh juice.


3. Fenugreek

It has excellent healing power as well as health benefits. Stomach ulcers can be treated by consuming it. Fenugreek is rich in the mucilaginous compound and protects the lining of the stomach, by coating it such as mucus, facilitating the healing process.

  • Take 2 cups water and boil 1 tsp fenugreek seeds. Strain and then drink this potion after having some honey added to it.
  • Or, have milk added with fenugreek seed powder of about one teaspoon, mixed in it. You can also have fenugreek leaves about a cup boiled, added with honey and eaten twice a day.

4. Cayenne Pepper

Stomach ulcers can be treated with Cayenne Pepper. It is known to have compounds that help to inhibit stomach acid secretion, stimulate secretion of mucus as well as gastric-mucosal blood flow and produce alkali in sufficient quantity, to heal and prevent ulcers.


  • Cayenne pepper about one-eighth tsp is to be mixed with warm water. For the initial 2-3 days, this mixture is to be drunk twice a day. Then, the quantity of cayenne pepper is to be increased gradually to about one-quarter teaspoon and taken remaining of the week, twice a day.
  • Or, one can have cayenne capsules which can be purchased online or from the leading health stores. For a week, take a capsule immediately after a meal. Thus, three capsules a day are to be taken.
  • One can have cayenne pepper, a pinch, added to meats, soups and variety of dishes.

5. Coconut

Coconut water and milk are known to have antibacterial qualities and kill ulcer-causing bacteria.

  • Tender and fresh coconut water or milk should be consumed along with the soft kernel regularly. For deriving positive results, one should have few cups daily at least for a week.
  • Or, one can have coconut oil, a tablespoon during the morning and at night for about a week. Since it contains medium chain fatty acids, digestion is easy.

Following any of the above-mentioned home remedy for around a week, twice daily, is sure to bring excellent results and help the person to get rid of ulcers and prevent them from occurring in the future.

Other remedies

1. Eat Terminalia chebula and currant everyday after eating food.

2. Mix some amla juice with honey and consume.

3. Chew one green betel leave after eating food everyday.

4. Soak one table spoonful of dry amla powder in water at night. Next morning mix half table spoon of dried ginger, 1/4 table spoon cumin powder and some candy sugar powder in it. Strain and drink this water.

5. Consume pomegranate juice and amla murabba everyday.

6. Ulcer patient should not consume tea, coffee and tobacco.