Home remedies for eye pain

Home remedies for eye pain

Eye pain is described as an aching, throbbing, burning or stabbing sensation inside or around the eye. Eye pain may occur on the surface of eye or even within the deeper structures of the eye. Eye pain which is on the surface of the eye can be itching, burning or even shooting pain. This surface eye pain is generally related to external objects in the eye, eye infection or may be anything else which irritates the membrane that covers the eye surface.

Causes of eye pain

There are various causes of eye pain. A feeling of uneasiness or discomfort in the eye can be due to problem in the eye itself. Lyme disease, Allergies, Tuberculosis and Acanthamoea might also be the cause of eye pain.

Symptoms of eye pain

There are many symptom of eye pain which can also help to diagnose the cause or reason of the pain. Some of the symptoms are as follows:

  1. Tears coming out of eyes
  2. Red itchy eyes also known as Conjunctivitis
  3. Sensation of foreign body i.e. the feeling of any particle in the eye.
  4. Sensitivity or irritation from light
  5. Decrease in vision capacity.
  6. Clear or thick and coloured discharge.
  7. Headache.
  8. Vomiting or nausea
  9. Crusting of lashes or eyelids.

Eye Pain Diagnosis

Diagnosis for eye pain is based on the cause of the pain. In case of bacterial infections, a swab will be taken for identifying the bacteria and get the option for best treatment. Again if the infection is found in clusters throughout eye, viral cultures might be collected and tested. Conjunctival scrape may also be performed to detect infections based on common STIs or fungal infections.

Prevention in eye pain

To avoid some common causes of eye pain some kind of prevention can be adopted.  Some of the preventions are listed below:

  1. Wearing of goggles while handling tools, industrial chemicals etc where there are chances of small particles or dust.
  2. Wearing safety glasses during sports activity.
  3. While using any kind of spray, it is important that the nozzle is pointed away from the eye.
  4. If one uses contact lens, proper routine check up is to be undergone to prevent eye injuries. Also users should follow the doctor’s instruction while applying, removing and washing the lenses.
  5. The eye should be washed with water regularly to keep eye clean.
  6. Cosmetics such as eye shadows, eyeliner etc should not be shared with others.
  7. Swimming in water having chlorine content should be avoided as this might cause eye infection.

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Home remedies for eye pain

  1. Take 4 gm alum (fitkari / phitkari) and mix it in 25gm rose water (gulab jal). Use 2 drops of this rose water 2-3 times in a day. It will give you 100% relief in eye pain and eye redness. This is best natural home remedy for eye pain. If rose water is not available then you can use Distilled water or boiled water.
  1. In initial stage of eye pain, if you have pain in left eye then insert a cotton bud in left ear or if you have pain in right eye then insert a cotton bud in right ear. If you have pain in both eyes then inserts cotton buds in both ears. It will give sure relief in 2-3 hours.
  2. Use triphala water to wash your eyes twice a day. To make triphala water, soak 2 table spoonful triphala power in normal water for whole night. Next morning shake that water with triphala powder for 2 minuets and then filter using a clean cloth. Now use that water to wash your eyes.
  3. Apply one drop of honey in aching eye. If you feel burning feeling in eye then don’t worry its normal. Honey has natural cleansing and antibacterial properties which protect eyes from diseases.
  4. Cucumbers have anti-irritation properties which help in reducing pain and swelling. Take Cucumber slice and put inside Refrigerate for 15 minutes. Now put them over eyes for at least 10 minutes.

Commonly home care comprises of flushing eye with water. When eye is exposed to a foreign particle, it is very much important to wash eye with some commercially prepared eye care solution or with lukewarm water. It is also to be noted that eye should not be rubbed if any kind of foreign bodies. Rubbing can cause more irritation or damage to the eye surface. If there is something more than just irritation, it is generally recommended to contact professionals or eye specialists. But in case of mild eye discomforts, resting eyes and a sleep might recover the eye condition well. Exposure of eye to bright light is to be avoided.

Boric acid is also a good medicine for eye pain. Although it is an acid, it is extremely mild and can be applied to eye in order to serves as an antiseptic and antifungal.

Applying tea bags to eye can reduce swelling and redness. The tea bag is to be boiled in hot water. After boiling, the bag should be cooled. The cooled bag is to be placed on the affected eye for approximately 15 minutes. This process is to be repeated up to three times a day. Honey can also be mixed with boiled water to treat eye infection. This solution can also be used as eye drop or eyewash.

Eye pain home remedies