Eczema home remedies & treatment

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Eczema home remedies

  1. Boil 250 gms mustard oil in a iron pot. After 10 minutes put 50 gms neem leaves in the mustard oil. When neem leaves get black put that oil off the flame. Now leave this oil for 30 minutes to be cold and after getting cool filter this oil and fill in bottles. Now apply this mustard oil on eczema three times in a day for few days. It will completely destroy this disease. If you use this oil for one year then eczema will never come back.
  2. Take 4gms chirayta, 4gms kutki and soak this mixture in water for whole night in a glass pot. Cover this pot with another pot. Next morning filter that mixture with a clean cotton cloth and drink that water. At the same time soak remaining chirayta and kutki in 125 gms water again and follow the same procedure for next 4 days with same chirayta and kutki. You have to use 4gms chirayta and 4gms kutki for 4 days and change this after every 4 days. Following this process 4 weeks will give you sue relief in eczema and other skin diseases. It is also beneficial in pimples, acne, stomach problems, cancer, T.B, flu and cleanses your blood. Pregnant women should not drink this water.
  3. Take 10 gms black pepper powder with 10 gms cow butter. It will destroy eczema, itching, ringworm and other skin diseases.
  4. Take 21 young & clean neem leaves and crush in 60 gms water. Now filter that water and drink. Follow this process for 7 days.

home remedies for eczema