Acidity home remedies

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Acidity occurs when there is excess secretion of acids in the gastric glands of the stomach. When the secretion is more than usual, we feel, what is commonly known as heartburn, which is normally triggered off by consumption of spicy and oily foods.

Well, there are lot of natural ways you can get rid of the problem. Thought to be due to increased pitta or the lack of digestive fire, Ayurveda prescribes a number of natural remedies for the conditions. Not only are these home remedies sans any side effects, they will also help resolve the discomfort that comes with acidity.

An excess or imbalance of digestive acids produced by the stomach can cause a stomach ache, gas, heartburn, nausea, bad breath and other symptoms. It is a common problem that affects people of all ages. Those who suffer frequently from acidity may refer to having an “acid stomach.” Eating oily & spicy foods, lack of exercise, irregular eating habits, stress, or drinking alcohol frequently can lead to acidity problems.

Some simple natural remedies can be used to treat stomach acidity. For instance, simply drinking one or two glasses of lemon water will help flush out excess acid in your stomach.

causes of acidity

  1. Too much Spicy and oily food
  2. Alcohol, tobacco, Meat and eggs
  3. Eating too much food many times a day
  4. Little intake of water
  5. Tension
  6. constipation
  7. No morning walk and exercise
  8. Acid reflux in stomach


Symptoms of acidity

  1. Feeling heartburn, stomach burn, regurgitation, dyspepsia and throat burn
  2. Feeling of vomiting
  3. Heavy headache
  4. Yellow urine
  5. Sores on tongue
  6. Hungerlessness
  7. Feeling heaviness in stomach
  8. Neck pain – Cervical pain
  9. Burning eyes


Here you have home remedies acidity

  1. After taking food every morning and evening, chew one clove will give you 100% relief in acidity, acid reflux and heartburn. Clove also destroy all problems relate to acidity. Clove puts positive effect on digestion system and increases your hunger. It also destroys stomach worms. If you have acidity then stop taking tea forever. This is best home remedies acidity.Home remedies for acidity
  2. Clove is also beneficial in cough and other respiratory diseases. It also increases white blood cells.
  3. Take one glass lemon water everyday. It will give you quick relief.
  4. Take half table spoon black harad powder with some Jaggery and drink some water on it. Take it every evening after taking food for 3 days.
  5. Drink minimum 10 glass water in a day.
  6. If you are taking milk then that should not be hot.
  7. Always eat fresh food and avoid oily and spicy food.
  8. Do not drink water between food.
  9. Avoid anger and tension.
  10. Avoid food that is hot in nature and eat food with cold in nature.
  11. Do not take tea with empty stomach.
  12. Take your dinner 2 hours before going to bed.

black harad powder with some Jaggery for acidity home remedies