Herbal remedies for malaria

Herbal remedies for malaria / home remedies for malaria

1. Take Citrus maxima (Pomelo) juice everyday during treatment. Its one of best herbal remedies for malaria.

2. Chew 5 holy basil leaves everyday. It will prevent malaria. If you again gets malaria then eat 15 holy basil leaves and 10 black pepper in the morning. It will not allow malaria to come again.

home remedies for malaria3. Put some salt on an iron plate and put that iron plate on low flame for 10 minutes. Put this off he flame when salt color changed to brown. Grind this salt to make a powder and store in a glass bottle. Now take half lemon and put it on the flame for 30 seconds.  Put some roasted salt of this lemon and suck. Do this 3 times a day.

4. Eat 3 black pepper with some onion. Its good home remedy for malaria.

5. Take Terminalia chebula powder 10 gm and boil in 150 gm water. When water gets half in quantity then mix some honey and consume. Follow this 3 times a day. Its one of best herbal remedies for malaria.


6. Mix 10 gm Chirata juice with 25 gm orange juice and consume.

7. If you have vomiting with malaria, then put some salt on half lemon and suck that lemon. Or Mix some lemon juice in sugarcane juice and consume.

8. Take peel of 2 oranges and boil in 2 cup of water. When water gets half, strain and drink that hot water. Eating apple and guava is best during malaria.

orange-peel9. Mix garlic juice with one table spoonful of sesame oil and consume after every hour. Do this or 3 to 4 days. Its one of best herbal remedies for malaria.

10. Take one table spoon cumin and grind to make powder. Mix this cumin powder with 40 gm jaggery and make 3 candies. Eat one candy after every hours. With in 3 days, it will stop malaria.

11. Take 60 gm Azadirachta indica leaves and 4 black pepper. Grind both to make a paste and mix with 125 gm water. Strain and rink that water.

12. Take one table spoon of roasted salt and boil with one glass of water. Whenever your temperature is down means you are feeling ok during malaria, drink this water. It will prevent malaria to come again. Its one of best herbal remedies for malaria.

13. Mix holy basil leaves juice, Azadirachta indica leaves juice and paper lemon juice. Consuming this mixture is beneficial in malaria.

14. During malaria, if temperature is high, then mix some honey, holy basil leaves juice and black pepper powder. Consuming this mixture will stop all symptoms of malaria. Its one of best herbal remedies for malaria.

15. Take coriander powder half table spoon and dried ginger powder half table spoon. Mix both and consume with water.

16. Take roasted alum powder and mix 4 gm sugar powder in it. Consume 2 gm of this mixture after every 2 hours with lukewarm water. Its one of best herbal remedies for malaria. Its best to take this medicine at initial stage of malaria.

17. Take some Picrorhiza kurroa powder and mix some sugar powder in it. Consume 2 gm of this mixture with normal water 3 times a day.

18. Take juice of half lemon and mix little water and sugar in it. Consume this mixture 3 times a day. Follow this for 3 to 4 days. It will give you relief in malaria.