Healthy Food Combinations – Food combining

What is healthy food combinations

There are lot of foods work like nectar when you eat those foods alone but in combination with other food those foods work like poison. The nature of lot of foods are opposite to other foods. we do not have to eat combination of those foods which are opposite in nature. we always have to eat combination of foods having same nature. In this article we will talk about healthy food combinations so you can decide which combo of foods you have to eat and which you do not have to.

Healthy Food Combinations - Food combining

Un healthy food combinations which you should avoid

1. Milk : Curd, salt, imli (Tamarind), Muskmelon, Bel Fruit or Wood Apple, coconut, radish, jaggery, sesame seeds, oil, sour fruits and food etc.

You should not eat all foods above in combination with milk.

2. Curd : Kheer (rice pudding), milk, paneer (Cheese), hot food and food hot in nature, banana, Muskmelon, radish etc.

You should not eat all foods above in combination with curd.

3. Kheer (rice pudding) : khichdi, Jackfruit, sour food, alcohol etc.

4. Honey : Radish, grapes, rain water, Hot food or hot water, khichdi etc.

5. Hot water : Honey.

6. Cold water : Peanut, Butter (ghee), oil, watermelon, Guava, jamun fruit (Syzygium cumini / jambul), cucumber, Cucumber Armenian (kakdi), hot milk or hot food etc.

7. Butter : Honey.

8. Muskmelon : garlic, radish leaves, milk, curd etc.

9. Watermelon : Mint, cold water etc.

10. Tea : Cucumber, Cucumber Armenian (kakdi) etc.

11. Rice : Vinegar (sirka)

12. Jaggery : Radish

Healthy food combinations which you should eat

1. Muskmelon : Sugar

2. Imli (Tamarind) : jaggery

3. Mango : milk

4. Guava : Fennel

5. Banana : cardamom

6. Watermelon : Jaggery

7. Dates fruit : Milk

8. Rice : Curd

9. Rice : Coconut

10. Radish : Radish Leaves

11. Lentils : Milk or Curd

12. Bathua (Lamb’s Quarters) : Curd

13. Carrot : Fenugreek (Methi)

Home remedies after eating too much

If you have eaten something too much and that is creating problems in body then you can eat following food to prevent those body problems. These secondary foods prevents the side effects of first food and works as healthy food combinations.

Food which you have eaten too much                      Food to prevent side effect of first food

1. Banana                                                                                 2 small Cardamom

2. Mango                                                                                4 jamun fruit (Syzygium cumini / jambul) / Milk /

1gm dried ginger with little jaggery

3. Jamun fruit (Syzygium cumini / jambul)                     2 mango or little salt

4. Muskmelon                                                                        Sugar water

5. Watermelon                                                                       2gm salt or 1 clove

6. Apple                                                                                   Gulkand (Rose petals jam) / 1gm Cinnamon

7. Guava                                                                                   Fennel

8. Lemon                                                                                 Salt

9. Ber fruit (Ziziphus mauritiana)                                       Sugarcane / vinegar / hot water

10. Sugarcane                                                                         Ber fruit (Ziziphus mauritiana)

11. Rice                                                                                     Coconut / Ajwain (carom seeds) / curd

12. Urad dal (Vigna mungo / Black gram)                        Jaggery

13. Moong dal / gram pulse                                                vinegar

14. Pea                                                                                     Ginger

15. Gram flour                                                                        Garam masala (spices) / radish leaves

16. Imli (Tamarind)                                                                Jaggery

17. Radish                                                                                 Radish leaves or sesame seeds

18. Brinjal                                                                                  Mustard leaves vegetables

19. Sweet potato                                                                      Jaggery

20. Butter                                                                                 Black pepper or Hot water

21. Old butter (Ghee)                                                             Lemon juice

22. Kheer                                                                                  Black pepper

To Cure side effect of drugs

1. If because of cunen drug you are feeling vertigo or headache then take some lemon juice. It will overcome the side effect of cunen.

2. To cure side effects of sulfa drugs take some lemon juice.

3. To cure side effects of allopathic medicine like body heat, mouth sores and heat in leg, take one amla murabba every morning and 1 table spoon gulkand (rose petals jam) every afternoon for few days.

4. To cure side effects of food hot in nature like body heat, vertigo etc., take white cumin powder and misri (candy sugar) in same quantity and mix well. Now take one table spoonful of this mixture with water. Or take dry coriander powder and candy sugar in same quantity and mix well.  Now take one table spoonful of this mixture with water every day.