Healthy breakfast for older adults

Healthy breakfast recipes for adults

  1. Take 3 high quality figs / anjeer and eat in the morning. Now take 250 gm. Sweet milk, mix misri in it instead of sugar and drink it just after taking figs. This combination is a powerful strength booster and makes your muscles strong. Follow this process for 2 weeks. Figs are best shaktivardhak food.

Breakfast recipes for adults : Anjeer / Figs are best food to eat in CONSTIPATION and anemia. If you feel tired every time then its right time to eat figs. Figs increases blood and make your color fairer and glowing. Figs are also beneficial in asthma and TV to stop sputum. If your teeth are week then first souse these figs in water for whole night and then eat in morning. Water quantity should not be more than 5 table spoon.

Eating figs every morning and night is very beneficial in piles disease. For piles, follow this process for one month.

  1. Take 2 akhrot (walnuts), 4 soused almonds and 7 Currant ( munakka ) without seeds. Now eat all these and drink 250 gm Milk on it increases body and mind power in older adults. After taking this tonic for 3 months in winter season, older adults feel like youngsters. If you are patient of CONSTIPATION then take 3 figs also with these three above.

Find Healthy breakfast for older adults using figs / anjeer , walnuts and milk. Find other healthy breakfast recipes for old people.