Guidelines for healthy eating and living

Guidelines for healthy eating and living

In this article we will discuss about all general Guidelines for healthy eating and living.

1. Eat food that are anatomically suitable for humans. Plane based instead of animal based. This is one of important guidelines for healthy eating and living.

2. Eat whole rather then refined foods (no white rice, white flour, white sugar, oil).

3. Eat fresh instead of junk food and artificial processed food, which are laden with chemicals.

4. Eat organic instead of genetically modified ad chemically grown food.

5. Eat food grown in the vicinity that are seasonal.

6. Eat only when hungry at 2-3 on the hunger scale and stop at 5-6. When eating only fruit or raw salads, you can as much as you want, as these are light and easily digested by the body.

7. Wash before chopping. Cook in just the right amount of water so that no nutrients are thrown away. This is one of important guidelines for healthy eating and living.

8. Avoid peeling fruits and vegetables. Most of the taste and nutrients is in and just below the outer skin. This is one of best guidelines for healthy eating and living.

9. Always separate the fruit form the main meal. It should be eaten on an empty stomach, not after a meal.

10. Reduce of avoid using a microwave.

Guidelines for healthy eating and living

11. Avoid foods that have artificial  coloring. They look good, but irritate your nerves.

12. Vary your diet – Eat more fruits, raw salads, steamed and stir fried vegetables.

13. You can have unlimited quantities of a variety of raw salads and raw or steamed vegetables like cucumber, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, radish, beetroot, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, zucchini, etc.

14. For even further stepping up, ensure at least 50% of your diet is fruits and raw vegetables everyday. Some people live mostly on fruit and are among the healthiest in the world.

15. Watch your food intake with a view to reducing fat and increasing fibre in your diet. The hidden fats in foods, come primarily from diary, meat, oils and too many nuts.

16. When net very hungry, eat smaller / lighter meals or a fruit / salad snack to satisfy a ‘small’ hunger.

17. Try eating a light and small dinner with preferably no grain / cereal, only fruit or salad or fresh vegetable soup with no added oil / fat or lightly steamed vegetables.

18. Fill up on a plate of raw salad before your mail meal to increase fibre in diet. Wait for 10 – 15 minutes then eat main meal.

19. When in doubt, snack or fruit, any fresh fruit – orange, apples, melon of all kinds, guava, bananas, berries, pineapple, pomegranate, papaya, pulms, peaches, apricots, green almonds, pears, grapes, strawberries, cherries, figs, custard apple etc. Our sugar cravings are actually fruit carvings. This is one of beneficial guidelines for healthy eating and living.

20. Avoid sugary treat and desserts after 7 pm as they convert more easily to fat in the body at this time. This is one of important guidelines for healthy eating and living.

21. Reduce or eliminate non-vegetarian food in your diet that contains animal fat, and contributes to unhealthy fat, cholesterol and toxins.

22. Reduce or eliminate dairy products in your diet including milk, ghee (butter), cheese, yogurt and ice-cream which are a source of animal fats and lead to harmful cholesterol build up.

23. Reduce or eliminate extracted oil in your diet. Use half or quarter of the usual quantity for cooking or eliminate it with dry roasting your spices and steaming your vegetables.

24. An effective and healthy replacement for tea and coffee is a “Lemon shot”, which is drinking the undiluted juice of two lemons straight up. This is very refreshing and invigorating. This supports the immune system, digestion system, cleans urinary tracts, repair skins, freshens breath and balance the ph levels of our body.

25. Ask, “Is this food going to pollute the body or provide it with high quality nutrition?”.

26. Take adequate sleep, get some fresh air everyday and sunshine for 15 – 20 mins daily.

27. Choose homemade over eating out. Even better is to prepare food yourself with love!

28. Focus on health, not weight loss. Only healthful living results in health. There are no shortcuts.

29. Use small plates for your meal. This simple practice has been found to be an effective way to reduce overeating.

30. Always read the list of ingredients. Do not consume if you see an ingredients which are unpronounceable or that a five year old would not recognize as food.

31. Take a minute to bless the food before each meal. Thank all being who make it possible for you to enjoy the meal. Eat mindfully. Savor the food with all your five senses.

32. Finally the most important food rules : (1) Eat only with love (2) Only eat when hungry (3) Eat fresh food (4) Do not overeat. This is summary of all important guidelines for healthy eating and living.