Gloriosa superba medicinal uses and pictures

Gloriosa superba medicinal uses and pictures

Gloriosa superba also known as Calihari, is perennial herb and grown as a climber. It is also called Glory Lily because of its eye catching and multicolored glorious flowers. The tendrils present in the leaves help the plant to grow with the support of other plants in order to get sunlight. The flower of Gloriosa superba is also the national flower of Zimbabwe and state flower of Tamil Nadu. The flowers are red, orange, yellow and multicoloured. It flowers from October to May. The height of the plant is 3.5m to 6m.The plant has a V-shaped underground tuber of 50-60gm weight and sold commercially. The capsule is packed with small seeds.

Gloriosa superba plant picturesGloriosa superba Plant image

Common name

Calihari / Glory Lily

Botanical name and family

Botanical name- Gloriosa superba

Family- Colchicaceae

Geological Distribution of Gloriosa superba

Gloriosa superba (Calihari) is mainly found in tropical forests of Africa and Asia. It is also found in USA, Indochina, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar Island. For the growth, it requires 375cm of annual rainfall. In India, it is found in Tamil Nadu and other South Indian forests. In Australia, it grows in the coastal region of Queensland. It does not require much nutrition for growth.

Calihari Glory Lily flower imageCalihari / Glory Lily flower image

Medicinal use of Gloriosa superba / Calihari              

The plant is rich in chemical components like alkaloid. The seeds of Glory Lily contain high level of colchicines. The medicinal value of it is discussed below:

  • It gives ease from the neuralgic pain.
  • It cures skin diseases and itching in the skin.
  • It kills worms in the body.
  • It gives comfort from abdominal pain.
  • In India, it is used locally to decrease labour pain during pregnancy.
  • It is also used in the treatment of piles and chronic ulcer.
  • The extract from the root is used as a tonic that can add vigour to the body.
  • As a rich source of colchicines, the seeds of Glory Lily are used in the treatment of rheumatism and gout.
  • The tubers are used against snake bite.
  • The extract is used to kill lice.
  • The tuber is used for the cure of cancer and leprosy.
  • Africans use the extract from the leaves in the arrow because of its poisonous nature.
  • The tuber is used for the treatment of kidney problem.
  • This can also be used to reduce sexually transmitted disease.
  • The tuber of this is used to kill helminthes in our body without causing any damage to the body.
  • Because of laxative nature, it is used as home remedy for constipation. Use Pure Triphala Juice to cure constipation permanently.
  • It is used against nocturnal emission.
  • It also cures hemorrhoids disease.
  • The extract of the root is used as a pesticide in agriculture.
  • It is also helpful in the treatment of ulcer, piles and soars.
  • This is also helpful for the treatment of smallpox.
  • Indians use this as sedative in digestion and respiratory disorder.
  • The tuber powder can be mixed with oil and applied on the skin to avoid pimples. Use Herbal Roots Neem Face Pack – Anti Acne / Pimple Care.
  • The extract is also used to cure sprains and impotence.
  • It gives comfort against inflammation.

Glory Lily fruits and seedsGlory Lily fruits and seeds

The name Gloriosa superba is composed of two words. ‘Gloriosa’ means full of glory, ‘superba’ meaning superb. And the name itself proves its medicinal value. Yet its overdose can be proved harmful.