Giloy medicinal plant uses and images (Tinospora cordifolia)

Giloy medicinal plant uses and images (Tinospora cordifolia)

Giloy also known as Guluchi / Guduchi, is a famous Ayurvedic perennial climber herb in India. It grows in deciduous forests often on mango, banyan or neem tree. It has significant heart shaped leaves, yellow flowers and ripe drupes are red in colour. The barks are grey in colour and roots are aerial in nature. Guluchi is an excellent Rasayana for the treatment of various diseases. Though it is used broadly these days, it has the reference in Ramayana and Durga Saptashati. The roots, stem, leaves, and fruits are used in the treatment of various diseases.

Giloy medicinal plant uses and images (Tinospora-cordifolia)

Giloy Leaves

Common name


Botanical name and family

Family- Menispermaceae

Botanical name- Tinospora cordifolia

Useful Guduchi products

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Dark Forest Rasayan Churna(Giloy,Gokhru,Amla) – 600g
Le’ayur Giloy OR Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) Powder 100 Gms
Guduchi Powder 50g (Pack of 5)
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Geological distribution of Giloy / Guluchi

Giloy is common in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Sothern Eastern Asia, Africa and Australia. It is seen growing in all dry and deciduous forests of India. Mostly seen as a climber, it grows on other trees, electric poles and telephone poles. It is mostly found at 1.200m above sea level.

giloy fruit images

Giloy Fruits

Medicinal value of Giloy / Giloy benefits

Due to the presence of chemicals such as Glycosides, alkaloids, volatile oil, polyphenol and polysaccharide compounds, Giloy is used for the treatment of various diseases. The bitter and astringent taste of the plant signifies its Ayurvedic nature. Guduchi benefits are count less.

  • Giloy is anti-inflammatory.
  • Guluchi increases the immunity of the body. It fights against infecting organisms.
  • The leaves of the plant in juice cure psychological disorder.
  • The leaves are also used for swine flu treatment.
  • It is also used for the treatment of fever due to infection.
  • Guluchi is a remedy for diabetes.
  • The traditional use of the leaves is to cure urine infection and stomach ulcer.
  • Mixed with cow milk, Guluchi leaves are used to cure leucorrhoea.
  • It is also used as anti ageing juice. The plant oil is used to cure skin diseases and promote healthy skin.
  • It brings down the high blood sugar.
  • Guluchi purifies blood and levels the blood pressure.
  • Traditionally, Guluchi is used to cure bowel problem.
  • The starch prepared from it called ‘palo’ is popular in India.
  • The leaf juice mixed with cumin seeds is used to cure certain internal inflammation.
  • It is also used to cure rheumatic pain.
  • The leaf extract also used to cure jaundice and anaemia.
  • This also can be used for the treatment of malarial fever and cough.
  • It removes the toxins from the brain.
  • It cures asthma and clears the respiratory tract.
  • The juice of the leaf, root and stem helps in digestion.
  • It also helps to bring down bleeding during menstruation.
  • The juice is also used in the treatment of the cardiac disorder.
  • Guluchi increases memory power.
  • It enhances natural immunity in the human body.
  • Guluchi increases appetite. It purifies milk in mothers.
  • Guluchi adds strength and vigour to the body and removes the weakness.
  • Because of the antioxidant nature, Guluchi is also used in the treatment of cancer.

Guluchi is considered as a most divine herb because of its various Ayurvedic uses. It is called as nectar/Amruta for its divine healing nature.