Eye exercises to maintain and improve vision

There are various eye exercises methods, by adoption of which normal and disease free vision can be maintained and also improved when and if vision deteriorates. Such methods can be classified under following categories viz.

 General upkeep of eye sight with the aid of eye exercises.

  1. Through suitable diet which should be rich in essential nutrients, in relation to body, in general, and eye-care, particular.
  2. Taking step to get rid of precipitatory factors that cause various diseases to the eyes.
  3. Use of medicines for local application and oral use.
  4. To undergo corrective surgical means in order to get rid of eye diseases.

It may be reiterated that most of the impending eye disorders can be easily prevented and staved off by requisite eye exercises, coupled with suitable dietary supplements and already mentioned preventive steps.

If use of medicines becomes imperative, especially when all other methods fail to yield desired result, there should be no delay and hesitation in resorting to the use of medicines, whether local, oral or both. Remember, a stitch in time can spare you the agony, delay, complications. It will also save your time and money, and above all, prevents damage to your eyes.

Here you have all the Eye exercises to maintain and improve vision

Tired eyes and Rest

Continues use of eyes, at a stretch, tries the eyes and puts extra pressure thereon. It is more common in artisans like fine needle workers, embroiderers, watch repairs, gold smiths, readers, TV viewers etc.

There is no escape from using eyes at a stretch due to demands of some professions, but a little rest and relaxation will provide much needed comfort and rest to your eyes for which one can employ one or more methods suggested below for eye exercises.

  1. Close your eyes in a natural way. Gently place your palms over the eyes and give gentle palm massage. It will soothe and comfort your stained eyes. Whenever your eyes feel tires, do as suggested above. This is one of best eye exercises.
  2. Splash cold water/ Natural cold water over eyes 10-15 times and then calmly and quietly close your eyes, without exerting any stress or strain. If you give palm massage, after rinsing your eyes , you will reap double benefits.
  3. Insert 2-3 drops of rose water into each eye and then close eyes and sit quietly for 5-10 minutes.This is one of best eye exercises.
  4. While applying vision rather closely, your eyes redden, itch or start watering, these are the nature’s warning signals, demanding of you to temporarily suspend your work, at hand, and give some rest to your eyes. If you ignore such warning signals you are simply inviting eye disorders. In such cases, resort may be had to anyone of the methods enumerated above below.
  5. Never rub eyes while doing some work or while resting your eyes.
  6. Continuous close application of eye can even cause headache, pain the eyes and cervical muscles, cause even nosebleed and / or vomiting, strain and stiffness to shoulders, back side or head and pain in temples.


  1. This exercise is meant to improve concentration of eye sight. Sit / stand erect in a relaxed position. Please your finger at about 3 inches in front of the tip of your nose. Now gaze at the tip of your finger, continue 1-4. Repeat the exercise 5-8 times. If there is watering from eyes pain and strain, sign of headache, do not push the duration, rather take rest for some minutes and then re-start.This is one of best eye exercises.
  2. Fix a rounded spot on the wall or place a white paper in the wall and mark a spot with the black ink or take a rounded piece of paper. Now, without suffering your body, gaze at the circular black point for 4-5 seconds, increasing the duration each day, but do not overuse or over strain your eyes. These methods will improve your near and distant vision. If it is not possible to stand, you can sit in a sofa or chair or bed and, then, do as indicated above.

tratak for eyes - eye exercises

Here is a warning for the new practitioners; they should not jump on to optimum gazing time, as it is bound to tire and strain eyes, cause headache and stiffness in the neck muscles, with occasional pain. One can start by counting 1-3 and increase the duration to 10 counts after every 3-4 days, taking the count to 60, 80, 100, then massage the eyes with palms after each days exercise which could be practiced any time during the day but never at night.


  1. Sit on floor or cot, your back portion touching the wall and knees touching each frontal side of chest. Back side of the head should also touch the wall. Place your elbows on the table and then, start palming in the manner suggested above.
  2. Sit in a chair or on a wooden / plastic stool. Place both the elbows on the table and then. Start palming in the manner suggested above.

Palming eye exercises


Sunrays are stronger in the afternoon but not so sharp and strong at the time of sunrise (dawn) and sunset (dusk) when red rays emanate from the horizon. Gaze at the rising sun rays and setting sun rays which should be allowed to fall on the eyes. Blink both the eyes quite frequently.

In Hindu religion, there is custom to offer water to the rising sun keep a tumbler and pour water in a steady stream (as an offering to Lord Sun). While the water flows from the tumbler, gaze at the rising sun’s rays through the falling water. It will improve eye sight and also strengthen eye muscles.This is one of best eye exercises.

Alternatively , close your eyes gently ( not tightly) in a natural manner, and swing your head sideways at a 30 degree- 40 degree angle or revolve eyes like a clock’s pendulum to left and right. To begin with start moving your head 30-40 times, then gradually enhances the frequency to 200 times. When the suggested process is over, splash cold water over the eyes 3-4 times and practices the palming process, as suggested earlier, for 2-4 minutes.


Rays rising from the moon are calm, cold and soothing to the mind, body and brain and exert a salutary and curative impact on the eyes. Lie flat on your back and look at the moon and revolve your vision all round the moon, but do not forget to blink eyes gradually keeping your eyes relaxed. You can enjoy moon lit night’s beauty by gazing at the moon for 5-10 minutes or more. It will have an all-round curative effect on the eyes.

Eye wash

Eyes should be washed twice daily with salt mixed ( SA-line) water or Triphala water or diluted alum water or with bland ( plain) cold water but, in case of any eye disorder, Bo-ric mixed cold water should be used. It is a matter of sheer choice/preference as to which of the media can suit you best. In any case, never use hot water for washing your eyes.

More efficacious method to use eye- cup, filling each cup to its 2/3 rd capacity, dip your one eye in a cup and revolve and blink your eye. Repeat the same process with the other eye.This is one of best eye exercises.

Eye pressing method

Squeeze/tighten both the eyes in such a way that pressure shifts to root of the nose on both sides. Maintain the position for 3-4 seconds and thereafter return to the original position. No undue extra pressure should be exerted. Press the eyes as you normally close your eyes. The process may be repeated 4-6 times or a convenient. The process may cause vertigo, nausea/vomiting in rare cases, hence it cannot be ruled out.

Singha Mudra

Open the mouth as far as possible and protrude your tongue out of the mouth. Now raise your head upwards (say at 60 degree, but not at 90 degree in any case). Look upwards without raising your head. Return to the original state after keeping in the suggested position for 2-3 seconds. Finally relax your eyes by closing then for 3-4 seconds. Repeat the process. Frequency should be gradually increased and never abruptly, but do not extend the duration of exercise beyond 10 seconds.This is one of best eye exercises.

Eye Movement in all Directions for eye exercises.

Sit erect in a relaxed position and keep your neck straight:

  1. Look downwards.
  2. Look upwards.
  3. Look to left side of your eyes.

(e) Look to right side of your eyes.

(f) Revolve your pupils in full circular form.

(g) From left to right and then from right to left.

(h) Look with each eye at 60 degree angle.

(i) Look downwards by half closing your eyes.

(j) Tilt your neck backwards and gaze at the roof/sky.

(k) Bend your head, your chin affixed to the hollow part of your throat. Try to look downwards, preferably your feet.

(l) Keep your neck straight and try look downwards, moving your eyes in a semi circular form, from left to right and right to left.

(m) Look upwards and repeat the above exercise in the same way in upward semi circular motion.

Neck Exercises

These eye exercises are ideal ones not only for eyes, but also for neck, neck muscles and sinews, bones, shoulders, stiffness, pain etc.

Sit or stand erect and loosen your cervical and adjoining muscles. Now proceed as follows:

  • Bend your neck forwards (but those who are suffering from cervical spondylitis / spondylosis must not perform any exercise where neck is to be bent forward) and try to look at your feet to left and right sides also.
  • Turn your neck to your left side and try to look at that side. Then repeat the same process with right side. Repeat 4-5 times. Initially there may be some pain due to stiff neck muscles but will gradually disappear with regular and tolerable practice. In this process both of your eyes should turn towards left/right side.
  • Try to touch the left side of your shoulder, your ear resting on the side you turn your neck. Repeat with the right side. Do not exert undue pressure. Feel normal and relaxed.
  • The above exercise is for touching your left and right shoulders with your neck. Now in a slow and regulated manner turn your neck to left and right, then right and left side in a semi-circular form. While doing so try to focus your attention on any object lying symmetrically to the left and right sides on the turned side.
  • Revolve your neck in a full circular form first from left to right and then from right to left side. If you experience any type of nausea, vertigo, stop the eye exercises at once

Note: Repetition of a particular eye exercises / neck exercise should never exceed a patient’s endurance capacity. Remember you may not gain much by doing the above described exercises, but you are bound to multiply your already existing problems if you exceed your capacity and ignore the nature’s warning signals. Moderation is the key word in all the eye exercises, that is you can take your own time ad gradually enhance the repetition and duration of each exercise. You can choose any exercise that suits your best, in view of your health status and/or disease. The best course would be to initially seek proper guidance from the experts who should also be sounded about all your ailments, if any. If you conceal any material fact, you will simply harm your own case.

These all above are best eye exercises to improve vision. One should do these eye exercises everyday when you get time. Eye exercises not only improves vision but also maintain that.