Carrot juice benefits and uses

Carrots are annual and biennial herbs. Leaves are pinnately compound. In Sanskrit, it is called as Shikha – Mula. It is a root vegetable and mostly orange in colour, and this is due to the presence of Beta-carotene. Carrot is also available in different size, shape and colour. Carrots are believed as indigenous to Persia and domesticated from a wild variety of it. The commonly eaten part of it is taproot. Half of world’s carrot is cultivated in China. The word ‘carrot’ comes from the Greek word ‘karoton’, the meaning is horn shape.

Common name

Carrot in English and Gajar in Hindi.

Family and botanical name

Family- Apiaceae

Botanical name- Daucus carota

Carrot root is rich in Vitamin A, B6, C and K. Carrot roots are rich in Manganese, potassium, copper and iron. Carrot salads are very popular everywhere. It can be eaten cooked or raw. The yellow colouring stuff is extracted from it and used to colour butter. It yields an essential oil. It can be used as food, raw material for cosmetics, for preparing tonic and so on. Tender carrot roots are used for a pickle. In India, halva prepared by Carrot is a delicious food item.

Carrot juice benefits / Benefits of carrot

  1. To cleanse blood, take one glass carrot juice every morning with empty stomach and evening near 4 pm. Take carrot juice for 20 days. Its best food to cleanse blood.
  2. Carrot improve facial glow and prevent acne and pimples. Carrot maintain ration of acid and base in blood. One of best carrot juice benefits.
  3. If you have swollen joints and uric acid quantity is increasing in urine then carrot is best food to prevent this. It makes blood circulation system perfect.
  4. Taking 1 glass carrot juice everyday saves you from anemia. It increases your body weight and improves facial glow. One of great carrot juice benefits.
  5. Carrot works as antiseptic and saves your eyes, throat and respiratory system from infection. Carrot is best food for mind, immune system and nervous system. It has nutrition to make your heart, mind, liver and bones stronger.
  6. It prevents intestinal gas and bad smell in intestines.
  7. Carrot is beneficial in diarrhea, bloating, belching and intestinal gas. It’s also beneficial in acidity, liver diseases, burning urine, stone in kidney and gall bladder, burning feeling in kidneys etc. Carrot juice is more beneficial then meat and cod liver oil. Carrot juice benefits are unlimited and its one of that.
  8. Carrot is rich of iron, carotene, sulphur, phosphoric acid and vitamin A. It increases your stamina.
  9. Carrot juice improves eyesight. To improve eyesight, take carrot juice twice a day for few months. It helps to remove spects. One of best carrot juice benefits.
  10. Carrot is very beneficial in skin problems like black spots on skin, acne, pimples, wrinkles etc.
  11. It helps to remove white spots from chest and neck.
  12. Take one glass carrot juice every day near 4 pm for one week. It will destroy intestinal worms.
  13. Carrot is very beneficial in cough. It forces cough to come out of your lungs.
  14. If you have goiter and tonsillitis then take carrot juice for 2 weeks with empty stomach.
  15. Carrot is best food for migraine. If you have migraine then boil carrot leaves in water and then put few drops of that lukewarm water in node and ear.
  16. Take 1gm carrot and grate that. Now boil this carrot with 4kg milk and 500gm sugar. When all water content gets burned then mix 250gm pure butter and 5 egg yolks and bake for few minutes on medium flame. Eat 100gm of this recipe everyday and take 1 glass milk on it. It increases body power and sexual power both. Its best food for mind.
  17. Grate 200gm carrots and eat every morning with empty stomach. Do not anything for next 2 hours after that. It will help to decrease extra fat, cleanse your blood and improve facial glow.
  18. If you want to increase body weight then eat grated carrot after lunch every day.

Carrot juice benefits and uses

Medicinal value of carrot juice        

Since time immemorial, the carrot has been used in many ways for the improvement of health and as a nutritious food.

  • Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A and improves vision.
  • Some scientists have proved that it protects the heart and prevents stroke.
  • It also proved as a preventive for various cancers.
  • Because of the presence of an antioxidant, it protects and promotes skin by removing dryness, strengthens muscles, cell membrane and flesh.