Borage (Borago Officinalis) plant medicinal uses and pictures

Borage (Borago Officinalis) plant medicinal uses

Borage also known as Borago Officinalis is a multipurpose, annual herb, which is not just a flowering plant but also an edible and a self-seeding plant. This multi-beneficial herb is suitable for growing in the gardens with UK climate i.e. a moderate one. This plant is a native to Mediterranean region and is annual herb from the famous flowering plant family popularly known as Boraginaceae. This is grown as a cultivation in various parts of the suitable area as leave are edible and have unmatched medicinal effects. It is also a source of the commercial income due to the borage seed oil, which is extracted from its seeds. It grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet with blue flowers at the top; the flowers are perfect ones with triangular-pointed five petals on each flower.

Borage (Borago Officinalis) plant

Full Plant

Though blue colour is the prevalent one, yet sometimes pink also comes up in one out of hundreds of flowers. The Borago possesses the ability of high rate of intra-pollination, which facilitates the display of multiple flowers blooming together. The flowering season is generally from June to October while, in moderate climates, it blooms throughout the year.

Common Name

Borago Officinalis is generally known as Borage, and it is popular with the name of Starflower due to the structure of the flower with five petals pointing outwards. The synonyms for the same match the family ‘Boraginaceous.’ The synonyms are BoragoadvenaGilib, BoragoasperaGilib, and Boragohortensis L.,which denotes the presence of other similar species with different colours of flowers i.e. Blue, White, and Pink. With an innumerable number of medicinal effects, this herb is grown on a large scale in the Mediterranean region and the United Kingdom.

Botanical Name and Family

Botanical Name: Borago Officinalis

Family: Boraginaceae

Borage flowers


Geological Area where Borage is grown

The herb of Borage is particularly grown in the places having a similar climate like that of United Kingdom. It is popularly grown in UK and Mediterranean due to the moderate climate and favourable effects on the production of the herb. First, it was cultivated on a small scale for the medicinal and personal use, but, in recent times, it is also being grown on a commercial level due to the high priced borage oil, which is extracted from its seeds. It has a capability of a high rate of Inter-Pollination, which facilitates the growth of the herb within the garden throughout the year.

Borago Officinalis leaf


Medicinal Use of Borage:

  • The most popular use of Borage herb goes with its use as herbal medicine in the respiratory, hyperactive, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal disorders. It also treats some of the prevalent and permanent diseases such as treat asthma, hypertension, bladder disorders.
  • It is also used for the Hormonal and Regulation of Metabolism. Borage is used for the regulation of metabolic activities and the hormonal imbalance. These flowers have a significant effect in treating these disorders.
  • There is a historical thoughtfulness with the herb, which states that ancestors used it in the salad for the Joy of Mind, which means it is anti-hyperactive and an anti-depressant in its pure form without any side effects.
Borage seeds


But it is strictly recommended to consult an expert to check if it is safe for you or not before its usage in any form.