Benefits of potatoes and uses

Potato (aaloo) is known as king of vegetables. Everybody is eating potato since their childhood but we are not familiar with different qualities of potato. Potato is very high quality food. There are lot of types of potatoes but hill potatoes are best out of all potato types. Potato is best for stomach. It is rich of high quality fibers which makes you digestive system perfect.

Potato has few amino acids which is used to create protein. Potato has potassium which is combination of organic acid and sulfuric acid which makes it rich of bases. If you cook potato in wrong way and with wrong food then it generates air in your stomach.

Benefits of potatoes and uses

In this article we will talk about how to cook potato and use of potato.

  1. You have to eat baked potatoes.
  2. In most cases you have to cook potato with its cover. Do not peal potato cover before baking.
  3. When you boil potato in lot of water then it looses important bases in water. So whenever you boil potatoes then use little water to cook in steam.
  4. Do not deep fry potato in oil because its the main reason of indigestion. If you want to fry potatoes then fry in a non stick pan with little oil at low flame.
  5. Do not cook potato with tomato because tomato is sour in nature and it generates air in stomach.

Benefits of potatoes - Potato uses benefits

Potato uses

  1. If you have burned then take small piece of potato and rub on that place. It prevent burning sensation. This is one of great Benefits of potatoes.
  2. If you have swelling on hands and leg then boil potato in water. Now take potato out of water and mix some salt in remaining water. Now use this water to provide heat to affected location. you can soak a cloth in this water and then use that cloth to provide warmth. It is one of best Benefits of potatoes.
  3. If you have dark circles under eyes then rub a piece of potato on that area for 10 minutes. Then wash with cold water. Follow this process for 10 to 15 days twice a week. This is another one of great Benefits of potatoes.
  4. Potato is rich of water and carbohydrate. Its do not contain fat. To make your hands soft, boil potato in water and then apply mashed potatoes on your hands for 10 minutes.