Home remedies for hair loss (Alopecia)

Home remedies for hair loss (alopecia)

1. If you are suffering from hair loss (alopecia) then take 2 table spoons lemon juice and mix 4 table spoons coconut oil in it. Now use this mixture to massage your scalp gently. Follow this process 3 times in a week. This mixture is a great tonic for hairs. Lemon juice and coconut oil not only prevents hair loss but also stop dandruff , baldness and makes your hairs soft & shiny.
Alopecia hair loss home remedies

2. Lavender: Studies have demonstrated that lavender, when rubbed into the scalp at the point of the initial  hairlessness can moderate or even turn around the impacts of Alopecia areata. This crucial oil, since it is so effective, should be diluted into a base oil before being applied, for example, almod or coconut oil. Other fundamental oils, including peppermint, sage, and rosemary oils can likewise be utilized on the scalp to stimulate blood stream to the scalp, subsequently creating hair follicles to hear or even start developing hair once more.

3. One of the natural ways to reduce hair loss (Alopecia) is to eat as much vitamin C as possible, which is found in citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. So eat at least one citrus fruits everyday.

4. Natural herbs Ginkgo and milk thistle helps to stimulate circulation and the growth of new hair.

5. Onion juice is very beneficial in hair loss or baldness. The high sulfur content helps to stimulate blood circulation and new growth, while the antiseptic quality of onions kills scalp-born infections or microbes. Massage your scalp with onion juice at least 3 times a week. First message your scalp with onion juice and leave it as it is for 15 minutes. Then wash your hairs with lukewarm water.

6. Crush 2 garlic cloves and mix in some coconut oil. Now put this mixture on low flame for few minutes. Let it be cool for some time and then massage your scalp with this oil. Follow this step twice a week to stop hair loss.

7.  Hibiscus, also known as shoe flower, nourishes hair, prevents premature greying, treats dandruff and controls hair fall. Crush few hibiscus flowers and make a paste. Apply this paste on scalp and leave for 30 minuets. Wash with cold water.

8. Stop using artificial shampoo and start using natural shampoo like reetha amla shampoo.

9. Amla is great natural gift. Like other body problems, amla is a great remedy for hair loss too. To prevent every kind of hair problem, eat amla every day in any form like amla murrabba or amla powder or amla juice or triphala powder etc.