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Stomach is the muscular that helps the process of digestion. Food travels through the food pipe and enters stomach. It is a pouch like organ where the food is broken down into smaller pieces. Food gets mixed with various digestive juices that help it to get digested. Being the digestive organ any problem in stomach results in digestive disorders. Here are some of the stomach problems which affect us.

Bleeding in the stomach

Stomach bleeding is the disorder that is mostly caused by various types of ulcers in the stomach. An ulcer in the stomach is actually a sore in the lining of the stomach. Bleeding can be caused by gastritis, which is actually the inflammation in the stomach. Tumours or cancers in stomach can also result in bleeding. Symptoms of stomach bleeding are tarry or black stool, vomit with blood or coffee-grounds appearance. These symptoms can be related to ulcers, cancers or gastritis.

Stomach flu

Stomach flu is the disease that is often mistaken as common flu. There are some similarities of these two diseases but these two conditions are entirely different from each other. Stomach flu is also known as viral gastroenteritis. It is an infection that occurs in the intestine and can be caused by rotavirus, calcivirus, adenovirus or astrovirus. It is spread through eating and drinking of contaminated foods. Symptoms are fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, chilling, pain in abdomen along with dry mouth, reduction in urine volume, severe weakness and dizziness.

Stomach cancer

Cancer that starts that starts in any part of the stomach is referred as stomach cancer. Other types of cancer in any other part of the body can also spread in the stomach. Experts are not very sure about the causes of stomach cancer. There are certain risk factors which make people vulnerable to stomach cancer. People having stomach inflammation for long time, smoking habit, family history of stomach cancer, eating of too much salted or pickled foods and low physical activities are prone to this disease as compared to others. Trouble in swallowing food, nausea accompanied by vomiting, weight loss without any proper season, bloated feeling after small meal and vomiting blood or having blood in the stool.


Gastritis is nothing but the inflammation in the stomach. It is not a single disease but a combination of several conditions. Drinking of too much alcohol, using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for long time, bacterial infection can result in gastritis. This stomach problem often starts after a major surgery, traumatic injury or severe infections. Diseases like autoimmune disorder, anaemia or chronic reflux can cause gastritis. Common symptoms of gastritis are belching, feeling full all the time, bloating, burning sensation in upper abdomen.


Gastroparesis is the stomach problem that makes the stomach to take too long to empty its content. It is caused as the nerves to the stomach are damaged or they stop working. Diabetes, anorexia nervosa, surgery on the stomach disorders in the smooth muscles are some of the causes of this disease. Heartburn, nausea, throwing up of undigested food, weight loss, lack of appetite and erratic levels of blood glucose are the main symptoms of this stomach disorder.

Home remedies to treat digestive problems

Home Remedies to cure Digestive Problems                                 One of the most common problems faced by a major fraction of the population today is digestive problems. Owing to the unhealthy lifestyle coupled with consumption of junk foods, this problem has become one of the most common problems. In fact, the studies show that more than 66% of the population fall victim to it. Symptoms such as improper bowel movement, gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea point to the fact that you are facing a digestion problem. Many factors are responsible for such...

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Home remedies for Gastroparesis One of the most common stomach problems faced by many is the Gastroparesis. Essentially, it means that the stomach takes an elongated amount of time to empty its content in the small intestine. As a result of which, one faces the problem of weak stomach. The causes of this disease have not been defined clearly although medical practitioners suggest that this is primarily when one of the nerves in the stomach called the vagus gets ruptured. Other factors leading to Gastroparesis are abdominal surgery, severe diabetes...

Home remedies for stomach ulcers

Home remedies for stomach ulcers that can help to get rid of it What is an ulcer? Ulcer, basically, is termed to be an internal or external lesion or sore, which is considered to be necrosis (tissue death at the cellular level) sign. Most of the ulcers, which plague most of the people, are known as gastric ulcers that are regarded to be internal in nature. But there are present different types of ulcers and include the following: Gastric ulcer, serpent ulcer, peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcers, canker sore (herpes), bed sore,...

Bloated stomach and gastric problem home remedies

Bloated stomach Home remedies & Natural treatment 1. Take 6 gm ginger juice, 6 gm lemon juice and 6 gm honey. Mix all well and consume 3 times a day. It one of best bloated stomach home remedies. 2. If you have regular gastric problem then eat fenugreek vegetable ( Green leaves or seeds) everyday with food. 3. Carrot and cabbage are best food for stomach. Mix carrot and cabbage juice in same quantity and consume. Its proved home remedy for bloated stomach. 4. To get fast relief from gas...

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Find intestinal worms and stomach worms home remedies, intestinal parasites natural treatment, how to destroy worms in humans and worms in children. Intestinal worms are parasites, which thrive in the intestines of another organism. Parasites enter the human body in one of four ways through food and water, through transmitting agents, such as a mosquito and sexual contact and also through nose and skin. Even though there are thousands of parasites that infect humans, only four are very harmful. Intestinal worms are parasites in the gastrointestinal tract, primarily on the...

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Find home remedies for acidity, home remedies for acid reflux, acidity home remedies, home remedies for heartburn and how to stop acid reflux. Acidity occurs when there is excess secretion of acids in the gastric glands of the stomach. When the secretion is more than usual, we feel, what is commonly known as heartburn, which is normally triggered off by consumption of spicy and oily foods. Well, there are lot of natural ways you can get rid of the problem. Thought to be due to increased pitta or the lack of...

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Find natural remedies for stomach pain, how to cure stomach pain, abdominal pain cure and natural remedies for stomach ache. Stomach pain natural remedies / Home remedies for stomach pain Take 4 gm carom seeds (Trachyspermum ammi ), 1 gm black salt and mix these. Now take 2 gm of this mixture with lukewarm water. It will give you instant relief in stomach pain. Children can take 1 gm of this mixture. This home remedy is beneficial in stomach pain, acidity and gastric trouble. If you take this mixture with normal water (not...