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Skin is the outer protective layer of our body. Skin faces every environmental condition and protects the underlying body parts from all unfavourable situations. Skin is the largest body part as it covers the whole body. Skin works as the umbrella for us and it is important to maintain the umbrella in good condition, unless we cannot protect ourselves from rain! Skin diseases are mostly caused by infectious germs and we need to be very hygienic to maintain the good health of skin.
Here we will discuss about some common skin diseases like harpies skin disease, skin pigment disease, eczema, dermatitis, itching, vitiligo and PSORIASIS.


Pimples are the most common skin disease that occurs in every person. These are actually the oil glands that get infected with bacteria. They swell up and get filled with pus. Sebaceous or oil glands are present inside the skin and they produce sebum. Sometimes dead skin cells are left behind and they get stuck with the sticky sebum. The pores get blocked and bacteria infect them. Whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts are the main symptoms of pimples.


Acne Vulgaris is popularly known as acne. It is the skin disease involving oil glands that occur at the base of the hair follicles. As the sebaceous glands become at the time of puberty and start produce enormous amounts of sebum, they often get clogged with dead skin cells and facial hairs. Increase in androgen levels are believed to cause acne. Research says that acne is a genetic disorder.

Razor burn

Razor burn is the skin disorder that is caused as the result of shaving body hairs. It can be few hours of discomfort and burning sensation or may develop into an irritating rash along with infected blisters which can last for several days. Mostly men are affected by this skin problem as they need to shave regularly. Women who shave their underarms on a regular basis may also get affected.


Sunburn is the skin injury that is caused as the skin is exposed to the ultra violet rays of sun. People who are exposed to sun rays for long time develop this skin disease. People having dark skin complexion (actually their skin contains more melanin, a pigment that protects the skin) are less vulnerable to this disorder as compared to fair complexioned people. Red skin with itchy feeling is the primary symptom which can be followed by development of blisters.


Rosacea is the chronic and inflammatory skin condition that affects the face. It is often mistaken for acne. This skin disease make the face red along with small red coloured, pus filled bumps. Easy blushing, hyper-activity of the facial skin, redness that persists, spots and pustules in the face and inflamed blood vessels are the basic symptoms of rosacea. This skin disease is caused due to abnormalities in the blood vessels in the face, less melanin in the skin, bacteria and a particular type of microscopic mite. It is triggered by hot foods and drinks along with caffeine, spicy food, dairy products, sunlight exposure and extreme temperature.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is ringworm infection of the foot. It is the fungal infection that affects the upper layer of the foot skin. Dry, flaky, scaly and red coloured skins are the basic symptoms.

Home remedies to remove scars with ease

Home remedies to remove scars with ease at home Scars can really mar your beauty. Apart from causing pain, scars leave the skin dull. They are usually caused when the pimples or acne’s are removed. However, scars take a lot of time to get healed. Improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle and weak immunity system are some of the causes for the same. Since it is the skin that we are talking about, utter care needs to be taken to ensure that the scars are removed completely that too without any side...

Home Remedies for Fair skin

Home Remedies for Fair skin 1. Take 4 almonds and soak in water at morning.  At evening peal these almond and  grind with 2 table spoon milk to make a thin paste. This is known as almond milk. At night before going to bed, apply this almond milk on face and next morning wash your face with cold water. Follow this process for 15 days. It will change your Complexion and make your skin fair. Almond milk is best remedy in the world to make skin soft, clean, shiny and...

चेहरे की झुर्रियाँ दूर करने के घरेलू उपाय

चेहरे की झुर्रियाँ दूर करने के घरेलू उपाय 1. आधा चम्मच दूध की ठंडी मलाई में नींबू के रस की 4-5 बूंदे मिलकर झुर्रियों पर सोते टाइम मलें| पहले गुनगुने पानी से चेहरा अच्छी तरह धोएँ ओर बाद मे खुर्दरे तोलिये से पोंछ कर सॉफ कर लें| इसके बाद मलाई दोनो हाथों से चेहरे पर तब तक मलते रहें जब तक की मलाई घुलकर त्वचा में रम ना जाएँ| 20 मिनिट या 30 मिनिट बाद नहा लें या चेहरा पानी से धो लें पर साबुन का प्रयोग ना करें| 15-20...

आँखों के चारों ओर कालापन व आखों की सुंदरता के घरेलू उपाय

आँखों के चारों ओर कालापन व आखों की सुंदरता के घरेलू उपाय 1. एक चम्मच टमाटर का रस, आधा चम्मच नींबू का रस, एक चुटकी हल्दी का बारीक चूर्ण, थोड़ा सा बेसन मिलाकर गाढ़ा लेप बना लें| आँखों के नीचे व चारों तरफ घेरो पर लेप करके 10 मिनिट लगा रहने दें| इसे सूखने से पहले धीरे धीरे हाथों से मले व उसके बाद साधारण पानी से दो लें| कुछ दिन तक रोज यह प्रयोग दिन मे एक बार ज़रूर करें| आँखों के नीचे काले घेरे मिटाने का यह सबसे...

Chilblains treatment at home

In this article we will talk about Chilblains treatment at home, what are chilblains, chillblains, how to get rid of chilblains and chilblains cure. What are chilblains Chilblains also known as perniosis, is a medical condition that happens when an inclined individual is presented to exposed to cold and humidity, bringing on tissue damage. Chilblains can be decreased by keeping the feet and hands warm in cold climate, and staying away from extreme temperature changes. Chilblains are little, irritated, painful lumps that grow on the skin. They grow as an anomalous reaction...

Eczema home remedies & treatment

Find Home remedies for eczema, natural remedy for eczema, symptoms & causes of eczema and how to get rid of eczema. Eczema home remedies Boil 250 gms mustard oil in a iron pot. After 10 minutes put 50 gms neem leaves in the mustard oil. When neem leaves get black put that oil off the flame. Now leave this oil for 30 minutes to be cold and after getting cool filter this oil and fill in bottles. Now apply this mustard oil on eczema three times in a day for...

Home remedies for acne

Find home remedies for acne, acne pimple treatment at home, how to get rid of acne and pimples, what causes pimples, pimples home remedies, acne home remedies with lemon. Best home remedies for acne Take lemon juice and mix rose water in equal quantity in it. Now apply this mixture on face for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes was your face with fresh water. Using this home remedy for 10 to 15 days, will give you 100% relief in acne & pimples. If rose water is not available then you...

Itching home remedies

Find Home remedies for itching, natural cures for itchy skin & Ringworm natural treatment. What is itching? Itching is generally a sensation which compels or forces one to scratch the affected part of the skin. This is an irritating sensation on the affected area and the medical term used for itchiness is pruritus. Itchiness generally starts with some sort of external stimuli which are an inbuilt defense mechanism which alerts a human body of being harmed. Generally mild to moderate crawling is common but can get worse and frustrating. When...

Boils home remedies and natural cure

Home remedies for boils Take 50 gms neem leaves ( Azadirachta indica leaf / Indian Lilac leaf ) and crush to make a thick paste. Now apply this paste on boil (baltod). It will remove boils (baltod) asap. If boil is mature then mix black pepper in neem leaves. Make some heena (Mehndi) paste and apply on boil at night. In initial stage of boil chew 20 grains of wheat and apply this chewed wheat on boil. Do this 2 -3 times in a day. Take few black seeds (kalonji)...