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We need food for energy. There are certain foods which can be considered as energy boosters. People eat such foods to increase their energy levels. Though such foods increase the energy level instantly, yet all of them cannot be considered to be good for health. To play safe is will be safe to choose natural foods. Let us have talk about some natural foods which help to increase power and strength.

Power booster for children

Children are most energetic and they need more energy as compared to adults. It has been proved that most kids do not get enough calcium from their normal diet. It is important to include enough calcium in their diet. You can give your kid plenty of yogurts and almonds as it is extremely rich in calcium. Tofu made with calcium can be added to dishes like quiche, lasagne and smoothies. Plenty of milk is the easiest option to add calcium. Foods like avocado, tomato sauce, wheat germ and spinach, dry dates, dry coconut are rich in Vitamin E and are a great power booster. Eggs are always the best source of complete protein and are suitable for kids (those who are old enough to eat solid food). Eggs can be baked, fried, boiled or scrambled to cater the kid’s taste. Almonds are equally good for providing excess energy for kids.

Power booster for women

Women are natural multi tasking gender. They manage the household, take care of children and handle their profession too. They need to be full of energy so that all these works can be done perfectly. It is thus important for a lady to eat such foods which can provide them with the required energy. Brown rice is a great natural food that provides energy. It can be served as a side dish with nutritional vegetables. Mashed sweet potatoes, apple, carrot are good source of energy as well. Fruits and vegetables are always in the list of energy giving foods and are free from causing any adverse effects.

Power booster for adults

As a man grows up, his energy requirement varies with the profession. Eggs are great sources of protein and energy for adults. Salmon and herring can be considered to be good energy givers. Watermelon, wheat germ, spinach, broccoli, Brazil nuts, black gram , honey and walnuts are also great sources of energy for adults. The most important thing to be kept in mind while eating energy boosting foods is that, excess energy that is being created in the body must be used up by daily activities, else the person will turn out to be the victim of obesity.

Energy booster for older adults

The general outlook is that older adults need less amounts of energy as compared to young people and kids. The idea is partially true. Older people are generally less active and thus they do not need to have high energy levels. There are some old people who are extremely active and less active people too need energy to carry on with daily life. While taking energy giving foods, older people must be careful about the side effects as those may not be too good for their age. Protein rich foods like eggs, salmons and herrings may not be a very good option for them. Wheat germ and fruits along with vegetables can be considered to be the best energy givers in their case. Organic milk, figs (anjeer) and tea are perhaps the best energy boosters for old ones as they won’t create ill effect.

Healthy breakfast for babies

Healthy breakfast for babies Take one almond and souse in water for whole night. In the next morning crush that almond, make a thin paste of it and mix 1 gm glucose in it. Now feed this paste to your child with empty stomach. You can start this from fourth month. This is a great shaktivardhak healthy breakfast for babies to develop their mind and physic. Its one of best breakfast ideas for toddlers. Things to remember: Almond should not be bitter. Almond Paste should be thin. Other healthy breakfast...

Beauty enhancement tips to be beautiful women

Home remedy for women to enhance beauty & power Apple and carrots are easily available in winter season and full of lot of qualities. If a woman is heavy with lot of body fat then take 1 apple and 2 carrots. Now kaddukas (GRATER) apple and carrot separately and eat in the morning with empty stomach. After that do not eat anything for next 2 hours. This remedy will not only increase your body power and energy level but also burn your extra body fat and makes you beautiful women....

Healthy breakfast for kids

Healthy breakfast for kids Take one part DRY DATES ( chuhare ) , 2 part dry coconut pieces and 3 part mishri . Now make small pieces of all three, mix them and contain in a jar. Healthy breakfast for kids is ready. Give one to 2 table spoon of this mixer to children every morning instead of toffee or chocolate. Don’t allow children to drink water just after this. This Healthy natural tonic is very good for teeth; it stops tonsils and cold in children. It also makes their...

Healthy breakfast for older adults

Healthy breakfast recipes for adults Take 3 high quality figs / anjeer and eat in the morning. Now take 250 gm. Sweet milk, mix misri in it instead of sugar and drink it just after taking figs. This combination is a powerful strength booster and makes your muscles strong. Follow this process for 2 weeks. Figs are best shaktivardhak food. Breakfast recipes for adults : Anjeer / Figs are best food to eat in CONSTIPATION and anemia. If you feel tired every time then its right time to eat figs....

Nutritious breakfast for teenager

Nutritious breakfast : The teen years are a period of gigantic physical change and development. Amid these years, a young person will increase around 50 percent of her grown-up weight and 20 percent of grown-up tallness. Since this development happens in a generally brief time of time, a teenager’s necessities for every fundamental supplement are higher than those of a grown-up, particularly calcium and iron. A teenage boy, for instance, ought to be taking in the middle of 2,500 and 2,800 calories for every day, while a young girl ought...