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No human body is free from disorders and kids are no exception. They experience most of the disorders as adults and there are certain problems which are exclusive to kids. Basic anatomy of kids is not much different from us, but their immune system and resistance power is quite different. Let us have a look at the health problems of the kids.

Food allergies

Food allergies happen when the immune system makes a mistake. In general, the immune system protects our body from diseases and germs. This is done by the creation of antibodies, which help to fight the foreign germs like bacteria and viruses. Immune system of the kids affected by food allergies mistakes certain foods to be harmful for the body and they react vigorously. So, a food allergy is actually caused by the mistaken reaction of the immune system. Tightness in the throat, wheezing, vomiting, nausea, pain in stomach, hoarse voice and diarrhoea are the main symptoms of this health disorder.


Albinism is the health or rather skin condition that occurs due to the absence of the pigment called melanin in the skin. Melanin is the colouring pigment that is present in the bottom layer of the skin. A kid can be born whose body is unable to produce the melanin. This disorder results lack of colour in the skin, eyes and hair. The whole body may be affected by albinism or certain parts may be affected as well. Absence of melanin is the only cause of albinism.

Cleft lip or cleft palate

Cleft means a split or gap. Split in the upper lip is termed as cleft lip and a split in the roof of the mouth is termed as cleft palate. These are birth defects and thus grouped in the kid’s health section. These disorders develop as the baby develops inside the mother’s womb. They can occur together (i.e. cleft lips and cleft palate in a single kid) or separately. Having problem while feeding along with dental arrangement problems and hearing difficulties are the main characteristics of these health disorders.

Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder in kids. They have some problems in their chromosomes and develop this syndrome. People with Down syndrome have certain physical features like, flatter face, eyes slanting upwards etc. they have trouble in learning and they are slower as compared to normal kids. As said, this disorder is caused due to some disturbances in the chromosomes. Most of the kids affected by Down syndrome have heart defects along with intestinal problems.


Autism is the health disorder in kids that is related to the development of the brain. The brain of the child with autism develops differently from the normal kids and they find it difficult to make sense of the world. Their brain cannot interpret the things they see, smell, touch, hear or taste. These symptoms could be mild or severe. Real cause of this brain disorder is not known yet. Not responding to touch and sound are the primary symptoms of this particular disorder. As the kid grows, lack of response towards sight, smell and taste can be identified.

Natural ways to cure cough and cold in babies

Natural home remedies to cure cough and cold in babies Babies are, usually, prone to cold to coughs owing to their amateur immunity system. Colds and coughs in babies are usually caused by viruses and at times are a product of infections and allergies. Sore throat, sneezing, coughing and blocked nasal passage are some of the common symptoms of colds in babies. Although there are many medicines available in the market, yet nothing can work best than the home remedies. Here are some ways to help ease out the cold...