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Kidneys are the excretory organs that filter waste products from the blood. Kidneys regulate the blood pressure, electrolyte and the production of red blood cells in the body. It is a complex and extremely functional organ and any disorder in it results in hampering the normal life processes. Here are some of the diseases that affect the kidneys.

Renal failure

The medical condition in which the ability of the kidney to filter the waste substances from the blood is hampered is known as renal failure. It can be caused by any type of injury in the kidneys or some variety of chronic disorder. Decrease in the amount of urine or total absence of urine is the major symptoms of renal failure.

Acute kidney injury

The abrupt loss of the functions of the kidney that develops within 7 days is known as acute kidney injury. It is caused by the decrease in the amount of blood flow in the renal tissues, any inflammation in the kidney or any infection. Rise in the amount of potassium and urea in the blood along with adverse affects in other organs are the primary symptoms of this kidney disorder.

Chronic kidney disease

The progressive loss of functions of the kidney is termed as chronic kidney disease. General feelings of being unwell and reduced appetite are the starting symptoms. These symptoms are followed by increase in blood pressure due to increase in body fluid, accumulation of potassium and urea in blood and metabolic acidosis. Diabetes mellitus, glomerulonephritis and hypertension are the causes of this disease.


Angiomyolipomas are the common benign tumour in the kidney. These tumours are made of smooth muscle cells, blood vessels and fat cells. The main cause of this disorder is a genetic disease named tuberous sclerosis. These kidneys cause trouble as they often hamper the normal functions of the kidney and result in renal failure.

Bartter syndrome

A group of similar types of kidney disorders that result in imbalance in potassium and sodium chloride levels in blood are termed as Bartter syndrome. This disorder becomes apparent before birth. Infants affected by this syndrome fail to grow and gain weight at the expected rate.

Kidney stone

A small stone like substance made of calcium crystals formed inside the kidneys is known as kidney stones. It is formed where the urine is collected inside the kidney. Exact causes of kidney stones are not known yet. It is assumed that the concentration of the substances like calcium inside the kidney for long time result in formation of crystals. Excessive pain in the back is the prime symptom of this disease.


This kidney disorder occurs exclusively when a woman is pregnant. Primary characteristics of this disorder are high blood pressure and huge amounts of proteins in the urine. Various factors are responsible for causing this disorder, but none of them have been proved without any doubt. Various changes in the body that takes place during pregnancy are thought to trigger the symptoms. It is also possible that abnormal development of the placenta and its functions are responsible to some extent for the accumulation of excess protein in the urine of the pregnant woman.

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