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Our intestine is approximately 25 feet long complex part of the digestive system. Foods enter the small intestine first and it is there the necessary nutrients get absorbed by the body. The large intestine absorbs water and transports solid waste for excretion. Problem in the intestine results in improper nutrition. Let us have a look at some of the major diseases of the intestine.


Reflux is basically heartburn. People suffering from this intestinal disorder suffer from hot and burning feeling starting from the centre of the abdomen to the chest. It is causes due to improper digestion and accumulation of unnecessary acids in the intestine and stomach. The basic symptom is the burning feeling. Pregnant women are very much prone to this disorder.

Peptic ulcers

Peptic ulcers are the sores that are formed in the stomach or the first stretch of the small intestine. A protective layer of mucus is disrupted and a bacteria present there is responsible for creating the ulcer. Excessive smoking, increase of the acidic content in the stomach and over intake of alcohol are responsible for the development of peptic ulcers. The primary symptom is unidentified stomach pain.

Gall stones

Gall stones do not occur in the intestine but is considered as an intestinal or digestive disorder. Gall bladder is the integral part of the digestive system as it plays important part in the process of digestion. The stones which develop inside the bladder are made up of bile salts and cholesterol. Irritable bowel syndrome is the basic symptom and patients often do not take it seriously. They go for proper treatment as the pain in the abdomen becomes worse. It is believed that gall stones occur more in obese people as their digestive system do not function well and the excretion of the bile salts and cholesterol is not complete. These excess chemicals get stored in the bladder, resulting in stones.

Lactose intolerance

Lactose is the basic component of all milk products. There are some people whose stomach and intestine refuse to absorb the lactose present in milk. There is no definite cause other than genetics for this particular disorder. People suffering from lactose intolerance feel bloated after consuming lactose. They have pain in the abdomen and can also have diarrhoea.


Abnormal bulges inside the intestine are known as diverticulitis. This disorder cannot be detected until the patient suffers from an inflammation in the pouch because of any tear or abscess. Abdominal pain is the basic symptom of this disease.

Inflammatory bowel disease

Pain caused by inflammation in the bowel is termed as inflammatory bowel disease. It can be caused by any type of inflammation in the stomach or intestine. Anaemia, bleeding from the rectum, pain and diarrhoea are some of the main symptoms of the disease.

Celiac disease

Intolerance for gluten is known as celiac disease. People suffering from this condition cannot digest gluten. Intake of foods containing gluten causes the disease. Pains in abdomen along with bloating, diarrhoea, vomiting as well as constipation are the main symptoms.


This is the most common disorder of the intestine. Improper digestion is the basic cause of this disease. The intestine actually produces harder stool which is not at all easy to excrete through the excretory organs. Pain in the stomach, hard stool and having excessive strain while passing stool are some of the symptoms of constipation.

Home remedies for vomiting

Vomiting is usually not a serious health issue. Most often, it is your body’s reaction to a temporary problem. Few of the main causes of puking are excessive eating, pregnancy, drinking too much alcohol, food poisoning, viral infections, and stomach disorders. Vomiting, known medically as emesis and informally as puking or throwing up, is a biological defense mechanism. It is a reflex activity, which refers to the forceful oral expulsion of stomach contents. The actual function of puking is to eliminate toxic or harmful substances from the body after ingestion....

Home remedies for diarrhea

Diarrhea treatment at home Diarrhea is a condition by which watery stools are discharged from the bowel due to the virus, bacteria or parasites. Sometimes it stops in its own way as it is a way of flushing toxins from the body. With diarrhoea, sugar, potassium and salt also run from our body. When it lasts for few days, it causes dehydration due to lack of body water and causes less urination, fasts heart rate and change in body colour. In most cases, the stool report does not give the...

Home remedies for constipation

Home remedies for constipation Constipation is a common problem these days. This is mainly because of improper diet and lack of fibers in food. With nutrition’s, our body also need few other things to through unwanted things out from our body. To prevent constipation we should eat cellulose rich food. Cellulose is full of fibers and fibers stop sticking of food to the wall of intestine. Constipation is the main reason of lot of stomach problems like gastric trouble, stomach pain, headache, hand pain, leg pain, indigestion, Hemorrhoid etc. In...