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Heart is the pumping station of the body that regulates the flow of nutrients and respiratory gases. Pumping of blood throughout the body important as it carries fresh nutrients and gases and at the same time transports the waste materials to the excretory organs. Besides, transporting hormones to required sites is also an important function of heart. Heart diseases or circulatory diseases are those which affect the complete circulation process. Improper function of the circulatory system not only affect the heart, but other organs are also affected as all those organs can function properly only when flow of blood remains constant and healthy.
The circulatory system of the body or anatomy of the human heart is really complex and it is obvious that there will be risks of malfunction. Let us have a look at some of the different types of heart diseases like low blood pressure, high blood pressure etc.

Ischemic heart disease

Ischemic heart disease is a common disease of circulatory system around the world. It is actually the problem with the circulation of blood to the muscles of the heart. It is caused when a single or more coronary arteries gets insufficient supply of blood rich in oxygen. Symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath are typical to ischemic heart disease.

Cerebrovascular disease

Cerebrovascular disease or stroke is the problem with the circulation of blood in the blood vessels inside the brain. As the circulation of blood in the brain is interrupted, proper functioning of the brain and nervous system gets hampered. A blockage with effects that last less than 24 hours is a transient ischemic attack, while a complete blockage with very long term effects is termed as cerebrovascular thrombosis.

Peripheral vascular disease

This particular circulatory system disease affects the circulation of blood in the legs. People suffering from this disease feel pain in their calves and the intensity of the pain increases as the blood flow decreases. Blockage in the blood vessels due to excessive body weight often aggravates the condition.

Heart failure

When the heart fails to pump blood, it is termed as heart failure. Damage to the heart muscles due to any external injury or internal disorder like a heart attack may result in a heart failure. Shortness of breath and swelling of legs are the basic symptoms of this disease.

Rheumatic heart disease

This disease is very common and in general starts with a bacterial infection in blood during very young age. It affects body joints and valves of the heart.

Congenital heart disease

This particular type of heart disease is characterized by hardening as well as narrowing of the coronary arteries. The blood vessels carrying blood to the heart get blocked. Atherosclerosis is the cardiovascular disease that happens over long time and slows down the arteries due to blockage. This is caused due to heart attack, peripheral heart disease and even stroke.


Arrhythmia is the heart disease that results in the change in the normal sequence of the heartbeat. It is caused as the result of changes or malfunctions in the electrical impulses of the heart. These electrical impulses may get faster or slower and thus cause a change in the heartbeat sequence.

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