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Eye is the complex yet amazing sense organ that enables us to see. Eyes are filled with nerves, liquid, a lens any more. Besides making us able to see, it also makes the world around us colourful as well as in 3-dimensional. This organ is made of several parts which work together to capture the image and then transmit it to the brain to enable us to see.
Eyes suffer from various types of problems and the basic result of all the problems is nothing but impaired vision. Let us have a look at some of the various types of eye problems like glaucoma, pink eye, retina problems, detached retina, eye infection etc.


It is the eye condition in which you can see nearby objects clearly, but far away objects become blurred. It is also known by the name of Myopia. It is caused as the result of refractive error. This error happens when the eye is unable to focus the light correctly. Most common symptom of myopia is blurred vision. It is often accompanied by headache, squinting and tired eyes.


This eye problem is just opposite to nearsightedness. Having problem in seeing nearby objects is farsightedness or hyperopia. It is caused as the eye becomes unable to focus correctly as the light enters. It happens when the cornea becomes very flat. Hyperopia can occur because of heredity and aging of the eye lens. Blurred visions for close objects, squinting, pain or burning sensation are some of the common symptoms of farsightedness.


Astigmatism is the eye problem that results in blurry, distorted and fuzzy vision. It is caused due to the wrong shape of the cornea. Genetics is one of the most important causes of this eye problem but may also happen after birth. It happens as the result of any injury as well. Blurry and distorted vision, problematic night vision, squinting, headaches and irritation are some of the common symptoms of astigmatism.


It is the condition that results in losing the ability to quickly focus on an object. This disorder is common in ageing people as the lenses and fibre muscles around the lenses lose their flexibility. Headache after reading, having problem in reading small prints are the common symptoms of presbyopia.


It is popularly known as ‘pink eye’ and is actually an infection or swelling in the eye. Infections cause the blood vessels in the conjunctiva to get inflamed. Virus, bacteria, allergies and chemicals cause this eye problem. Pink or red eyes along with a gritty feeling, itching as well as excessive tears are the symptoms of conjunctivitis.


Cataracts are nothing but the excess deposition of protein inside the eye lens. It is common with aging people and is very rare in young people. Basic cause of cataract is deposition of proteins in the lens. Spending too much time in sun without proper eye protection, smoking, high blood pressure are some of the causes that results in enhancement of cataract formation. Blurred and cloudy visions are the basic symptoms of cataracts.

Dry eyes

When our eyes are unable to produce the required amount of tears, we have dry eyes. Tears are necessary to keep the eyes in good health and properly working. As the production of tears is reduced, itchiness accompanied by burning sensation sets in. Prolonged suffering gives way to infections. Side effects of various medicines, environmental factors like wind and dust are some of the causes of dry eyes.

How to use contact lenses

How to use contact lenses Use of contact lenses has now come to stay as more and more people, who have to wear glasses, prefer to use contact lenses. The use of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, since sale of contact lenses yields more money, the opticians and doctors advise their patients to use contact lenses, instead of spectacles. In this article we will discuss abut how to use contact lenses and contact lenses use guidelines. History of contact lenses  First contact lens was processed and introduced to...

Best Healthy diet for eyes

Healthy diet for eyes Apart from general and hygiene upkeep of eyes, healthy diet for eyes plays a major role in this respect. You should know about what is good for eyes, what vitamins are good for your eyes, healthy food and vegan diet for healthy eyes and how to improve your vision eating food rich of vitamins. A balanced diet & food for eyesight should consist of following essential nutrients which can be divided into following percentage (ratio): Carbohydrates – 40 to 50% Proteins – 15 – 2- %...

Protection of eyes

Natural cure for Protection of eyes Being the most sensitive and minute organ of human body, eyes deserve to be looked after and cared rather regularly.. Any neglect, even if minor, may result in some permanent infirmity or disease. Certain situations and diseases are not avoidable and, thus, cannot and must not be managed by a person himself, except by sane and timely guidance and treatment of an expert. But, in most of other cases, proper and regular health of eyes can be easily ensured through regulated self management where...

Eye exercises to maintain and improve vision

There are various eye exercises methods, by adoption of which normal and disease free vision can be maintained and also improved when and if vision deteriorates. Such methods can be classified under following categories viz.  General upkeep of eye sight with the aid of eye exercises. Through suitable diet which should be rich in essential nutrients, in relation to body, in general, and eye-care, particular. Taking step to get rid of precipitatory factors that cause various diseases to the eyes. Use of medicines for local application and oral use. To...

Home remedies to improve eyesight

Some useful home remedies to improve eyesight and eye exercises In this article we will take about natural ways to improve eyesight, how to improve your eyesight naturally and eye exercises to improve eyesight. 1. Triphala to Improve Eyesight  (A compound of 3 myrobalans) Its is useful and quite often used combination for general health of eyes and Improve Eyesight. Amla (3/4 part), Harar or Haridra (2 parts) and Bahera (1part) should be taken in the said quantity and divested of the kernels. Separate the soft part and reduce to powder form which...

Red eye home remedies

What is Red eye? Red eye is a general term which is used to describe irritated and bloodshot in eyes. Red eye may also refer to broken blood vessels, inflamed eyelids, stye or red bump on eyelid. Expansion of blood vessels on eye’s surface may result in red eyes. Redness of eye can sometimes be more serious such as glaucoma or uveitis. If red eye persists or gets worse, it is advised to contact eye specialist for cause and proper treatment. Causes Red eyes are more commonly caused due to...

Cataract home remedies

Definition of cataract / what is cataract Cataract : Clouding of the eye lens resulting in decrease in vision is known as cataract. Cataract is the most common cause for blindness. Loss of vision occurs as the lens becomes opacified and hinders the light from passing through it. Formation of cataract occurs mostly in aged people as a yellow-brown pigment is deposited causing disruption of the fibres in the lens and thereby reducing the transmission of light. This condition is notices when lens of he eye loses its transparency resulting...

Stye eye home remedies

Home remedies for stye eye Take Imli seed (Tamarind seeds) and rub its inner white part on a stone. Now apply this paste on stye gives coolness and remove Stye eye completely. This also protects you from Stye eye in future. 3 days Before using tamarind seeds , soak it in water and remove its cover. Tamarind seeds are also beneficial in scorpion bite treatment. If you have been bitten by scorpion then apply this paste on that place and it will naturally extract the poison out of your body. Take triphala...

Home remedies for eye diseases

The Human Eye is the Organ that Gives Us Sight. It is the most important organ of our body. For healthy eyes our overall heath must be good. In this article I will tell you different natural ways of eye treatment. Water therapy for eyes with rose water Wash eyes with cold water every day in morning, afternoon and evening. If possible then mix rose water in cold water and then wash your eyes. It takes away heat from your eyes. Take 1 table spoon triphala churna (mixture of amla...