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Ears are the sense organs that help us to sense sound. It is a delicate organ and is work in harmony with the central nervous system. Like all other body parts, ears can also be affected by diseases. Disease in the ears hampers our hearing ability and create enormous problem in our social as well as personal life. Diseases in the ears can be some sort of infection or some fatal ones like cancer.

Cancers of ear

Abnormal growth of cells is called cancers. Cancers in ear generally develop on the skin of the outer ear, but cancer in internal ear parts is not impossible. Cancer in the outer ear is caused due to overexposure to sun rays and the basic symptom is a scabbed area in the skin with crusting and oozing fluids. Proper causes of cancer in the auditory canal are not known, but it has been clear that people having history of infections in outer ear are prone to this disease. Loss of hearing, discharge from the ear canal and pain are the initial symptoms of auditory canal cancer. People having history of ear discharges are prone to cancer in middle ear. Facial paralysis and blood stained discharges are the primary symptoms.


Building up of spongy, bone like tissues in the middle ear which prevents the middle ear from proper working is termed as Otosclerosis. The improper movement and functioning of the middle ear bars the amount that reaches the ear. This ear disease results in hearing loss. Advanced form of this disease can cause permanent hearing loss. Though exact causes are not known yet, scientists believe that this particular disease is related to hormonal changes during pregnancy as well as viruses. Hearing impairment is the basic symptom of this disease.

Ménière’s disease

The disease that affects the inner ear along with the balance maintaining mechanism of the body is termed as Ménière’s disease. A part of the ear known as ‘corti’ gets swollen leading to occasional loss of hearing ability. Severe dizziness, lack of balance and pain are some of the primary symptoms. There is no information about the cause of this disease and there is no cure as well.

Infection in ear

As said in the beginning, infections are the most common ear disorder that bothers both adults and kids. Infections in the middle ear are most common. The basic reason behind this is that infections in outer part of the ear can be easily detected and treated. The middle ear infections are identified only when they cause pain or hearing problems. Otitis Media is the most common type of middle ear infection occurring in children. It is caused due to bacteria and viruses. Anatomically, middle ear is attached to the back part of the nose through the auditory tube and is thus very much accessible for germs. Mostly kids are affected, but chronic Otitis Media can affect adults as well. The basic symptoms of this disease are building up of pressure and fluids inside the ear, infections accompanied by pain and hearing loss.

Easy tips to get relief from ear discharge

Some easy tips for getting relief from ear discharge Ear discharge can be really disturbing. It is, usually, marked by the unusual flow of fluid from the ear lobes apart from the naturally producing wax. Though the actual reason of the discharge cannot always be pointed at, it is usually some or the other problem inside the ear canal that causes the same. Improper balance, skin irritation and infections caused inside the ear canal are some of the other factors that result in ear discharge. Once caused, the symptoms are...

Earache home remedies

Definition of earache Pain in the ear is termed as earache. In most of the cases, children suffer from earaches as compared to adults. It is the ear condition that can affect a single ear or both of them. It may be constant or occasional and its intensity varies greatly. Earaches caused by infections can result in hearing loss. It is a highly painful condition and needs to be treated with care. Causes of earache There are various causes that can cause earaches. Some of the causes are directly related...